Best Muay Thai Gloves for Bag Work [2021]

Microfiber Muay Thai Gloves by Fairtex

To work on heavy bag training, you need a pair of durable Muay Thai gloves that can be used for years to come.

Bag work is an essential practice during Muay Thai training sessions. Practitioners follow this routine to practice different combinations of workouts. This training hones your skills and strengthens your muscles over time.

It’s best to work with heavy bags after warming up by shadowboxing. Bag work is a pretty versatile routine. It also involves repetitive movements and strikes.  You can use it to build endurance, strength, and balance. Body coordination and balance are seen to drastically improve. 

You can also get creative with the routines. This helps you develop a range of combinations you can use on your opponent. Practicing on heavy bags helps you work on your form too. Furthermore, it’s extremely convenient. You don’t have to constantly seek a partner to train with. It’s the perfect home setup for an intense workout!

Check out our full guide and reviews, so you buy the right pair of Muay Thai gloves for bag work.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Microfiber Muay Thai Gloves by Fairtex

Microfiber Muay Thai Gloves by Fairtex

#2 Runner Up

Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro

Velcro Muay Thai Gloves by Twins Special

#3 Third

RDX Boxing Gloves for Training Muay Thai Maya Hide Leather Mitts for Fighting, Kickboxing, Sparring

Ego Muay Thai Training Gloves by RDX

The Ultimate Muay Thai Gloves for Bag Work Buying Guide

You’ll find a list of the best Muay Thai Gloves for bag work below. First, you need to see why they make it to the list. Online shopping isn’t easy. You need to figure out what features brought it to the top. There are so many things to consider.

The gloves need to be made from premium leather and have excellent padding. There should be reinforced stitching and sufficient wrist support too. Let’s take a look at the features.

Quality and Construction 

This ought to be the first thing you should look at while purchasing Muay Thai gloves. Your investment needs to be worth the price. It needs to sustain your long training sessions. You need to hold your own against your opponents. So don’t opt for a cheap pair of gloves that falls apart in a couple of months. Invest in a high-quality pair of Muay Thai gloves from the get-go. 

It’s a tad pricier but the trade-off is worth it. It’s okay if you don’t want to. Especially if you’re a beginner. You might not wish to make large purchases from the start. However, know that gloves of better quality will protect your hands better. You have 27 small bones to take care of. They aren’t difficult to break! Keep that in mind before making the final call. 


Your budget matters. You’ll find numerous Muay Thai gloves of varying price ranges. If your budget is low, choose your gloves carefully. Look at the top brand and what they have to offer. Popular brands tend to deliver quality products. Even their lowest-rated gloves will fare better than unpopular brands. If you’re ready to splurge, always get gloves that are strongly padded and reinforced. 

Brand Name

Now, not all brands offer the best Muay Thai gloves for bag work. Brands like Fairtex, Venum, Yokkao, Windy, Twins Special, and Top King create excellent training gloves. Fairtex and Twins Specials have been producing Muay Thai gear for decades. They come at a significantly higher price though. However, seasoned Muay Thai trainers and trainees know they’re worth the splurge!

Top 10 Best Muay Thai Gloves for Bag Work

This microfiber Muay Thai glove is perhaps the best in the market. After all, it’s from Fairtex. It’s one of the two most popular brands in the market. They make the best Muay Thai equipment outside Thailand. So it’s no surprise it’s such a common name in the Muay Thai industry.

These gloves are made of premium leather and are known for durability. You can train at your level best. These versatile training gloves can be used for sparring too. They’re smaller than the typical Muay Thai gloves for bag work but make up for it with agility. You can hit your heavy bag with precision.

The only drawback comes in the form of ventilation. It’s pretty stiff and tight around your hands so your sweat doesn’t escape easily. With proper care, this shouldn’t be an issue though. Overall, these gloves offer excellent value for price and are the ideal choice for bag work. 


  • It’s extremely durable
  • This is a lightweight design that helps with precise movements
  • The construction protects your hands thoroughly


  • They’re more expensive than other gloves in the list
  • The ventilation isn’t as good

Any Muay Thai aficionado will know the Twins Special brand. They’re popular for a good reason. They make some of the best Muay Thai gloves in the market. The gloves are constructed from premium cowhide leather. The durability and padding are incomparable. 

However, these gloves aren’t the right fit for everyone. It accommodates large, bulky hands better. It’s comfortable and can block a plethora of wide-ranged attacks. Even stray kicks. Invest in this if you’re planning to train with someone along with your heavy bag. 

It takes a while to break into. You’ll find it a bit rigid for a couple of weeks but once broken in, it fits perfectly. These gloves are all-rounder. Even professionals love it. The extra cushion is appreciated by the trainers who like to be a tad more aggressive than others.


  • It’s built to accommodate larger trainers
  • It has extra padding to protect your knuckles
  • It’s perfect for long training sessions


  • The gloves come with a pretty price tag
  • It doesn’t fit slim trainers properly

These gloves are a great choice for some casual training sessions with your heavy bags. RDX has a large user base even in the Muay Thai community. These gloves offer excellent grip. It also comes with a moisture-wicking fabric. It’s not a bad choice for someone who just entered the competitive world of boxing.  

Beginners who want to train to enter the boxing dominion are often found wearing this. After all, it’s affordable and is of excellent quality. However, it’s limited to training sessions only. These gloves are constructed from a synthetic leather so it isn’t as durable. It’s sturdy but has comparatively poor durability. 


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • It has good wrist support
  • There’s a moisture-absorbing material to soak in your sweat


  • This isn’t the ideal choice for professional boxes
  • It’s constructed from synthetic leather so it may wear off after a few months

This elite pair of gloves isn’t just good to look at, but great to train with too. It might not be your first choice in a ring fight, but that’s okay. If you train alone frequently, it’s a great companion for bag work. There’s extra padding to protect your wrists so you can be intense. 

These aesthetic gloves come in thick density foam so your knuckles don’t feel too much stress. There’s a mesh panel under your thumb too. It regulates your blood flow so your hands stay at the right temperature at all times. However, like many other Venum products, it’s a tad pricey. The perks are worth the price though! 


  • It comes with thermal regulation
  • It’s visually pleasing to look at
  • It’s a great fit for large hands


  • It’s not comfortable for people with smaller hands
  • It’s made from synthetic leather so it’s not the best choice for heavy training

Fairtex went a tad extra with these gloves. Just look at it! It’s vibrant, attractive, and effective. These were created in the heart of Thailand and have the vote of professional fighters. These gloves are made from a material that prevents odors. It’s flexible and smooth too. However, what makes it stand out is the wrist support. The padding is distributed evenly throughout the glove. So it makes an excellent all-around training partner. 


  • It comes in multiple styles and colors
  • It’s constructed with a microfiber that offers antimicrobial features


  • It takes a while to break into

YOKKAO continues to create extraordinary Muay Thai equipment. These premium gloves are crafted by professionals who have constructed gloves for decades. It comes with a comfortable cushion and additional support for hard-hitting bags. The foam is durable too. It has extra trimmings around the thumb too. Your wrists will undoubtedly appreciate it!


  • It comes with reinforced seams for durability
  • It has a shock-absorbent foam to prevent injuries


  • They’re pretty expensive for new fighters

These gloves were made to impress. Hayabusa adopted this DUAL-X closure system that makes these gloves a perfect fit. It won’t slide off or budge. There are four interlocking splints at the back too. The engineered leather offers protection against cracks and abrasions. The extra padding is nice too. It doesn’t affect how it looks in your hands. In fact, it makes it look pretty aesthetic. If you’re training with a heavy bag in a gym, it’s bound to impress. 


  • It has multiple designs to choose from
  • There’s a five-layer foam structure


  • They’re pretty bulky and need time to get accustomed to

It’s no surprise another pair of Venum gloves make it to the list. This was specifically constructed for newer Muay Thai fighters. It comes in various colors so you can pick any that catches your eyes. They come in varying sizes too. Just find one which is right for you. There’s also a triple density foam so your hands are fully protected. This is highly recommended for any beginner fighter. It’ll help your ease into the boxing ring after fighting against the bags. 


  • There’s a triple density foam to protect your wrists
  • It comes in multiple designs
  • The leather construction is excellent


  • The break-in period is pretty long
  • It’s not worthwhile for seasoned trainers

These boxing gloves are great for beginners who have an interest in Muay Thai.  If you want to practice a few combinations of workouts, these are the gloves you’re looking for. It’s infused with gel foam that is great for hands and wrists. That’s an added layer of protection for your hands. It’s affordable too! So if you’re on a tight budget, this is a good fit for you.   


  • It comes at an extremely reasonable price
  • The material is easy to clean and maintain


  • It’s not as durable as the other gloves on the list
  • Seasoned fighters won’t like this fit

These gloves are made of full-grain leather material. It’s durable, sturdy, and comes with excellent shock absorption. Both the front and back of your hands will be protected thoroughly. They also fit your hands perfectly. The wrap-around and wrist strap is a plus too! 

They prevent the gloves from shifting around. The inner part of the glove is constructed from satin nylon. It’s a moisture-wicking material that absorbs any sweat buildup. So, your temperature remains regulated throughout your training session! 


  • It’s easy on the pockets!
  • It has wide Velcro straps
  • It’s constructed from breathable material


  • They’re not particularly aesthetic

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will address all the commonly asked questions regarding Muay Thai gloves for bag work. Let’s check them out! 

Are Muay Thai gloves better than boxing gloves? 

There are significant differences between the two types of gloves. Muay Thai gloves tend to be more flexible. You can easily clinch with them. The material around the wrists is thicker too so it helps you withstand hard hits. However, there are different types so figure out what your needs are!

What are the different types of Muay Thai gloves? 

There are primarily two types of Muay Thai gloves- training and sparring gloves. Some gloves are made of other materials to help with clenching. 

Can you use sparring gloves for bag work? 

You can! Sparring gloves are tightly reinforced around the wrists to prevent shifting or slipping. As the name suggests, it’s best used for sparring. However, you can find bag gloves too which are specific for bag training only. They offer little protection as you’re primarily working alone. 

What are Muay Thai training gloves used for? 

This is perhaps the most versatile of all Muay Thai gloves. They can be used in any setting. It doesn’t matter if it’s for heavy bag work, sparring, padding, or clinching. Beginners are highly recommended to get this pair. Seasoned practitioners should opt for a pair of sparring gloves too. 

Can you use Muay Thai gloves for other martial arts? 

Yes, you can! You can even use it for boxing. The build isn’t that different. It’s best to wear hand wraps though. They’re a relatively inexpensive purchase and it protects your hands. 

Do Muay Thai gloves for bag work come in different sizes? 

Most brands offer varying sizes. It ranges from four ounces to twenty. 

How do you clean Muay Thai gloves? 

Like many gym equipments, gloves cannot be cleaned. There are ways of maintaining them though. Make sure you air them out after every practice. You don’t need harsh chemicals to get rid of the bacteria. Use hand wraps while training. Some diluted deodorizing sprays help too.


Final Thoughts

Everything boils down to your needs. If you want versatile Muay Thai gloves for intensive training, then the Microfiber Muay Thai Gloves by Fairtex is a great fit. Not only is it from a trusted brand, but it also offers great value for the price. Let’s not forget the quality either! It’s agile, nimble, and durable. Why shouldn’t you make your purchase?

The Velcro Muay Thai gloves by Twins Special come a close second. It’s a tad pricey so it’s not the ideal choice for many. The high-quality leather and construction make it hard to resist though. Either way, all the gloves in this list have excellent features. You just need to find your right fit! Ask yourself what you’re looking for and invest your interest!

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