Best Muay Thai Books for Beginners

Why would someone need a book for Muay Thai? Will the book boost our strength and make us win a fight?

No, but they will give us guidance and insight into the science behind the sport. With such guidance, a beginner of Muay Thai fight can gain more insight into the sport and end up creating their unique styles of fighting.

You and I both know that reading a book can take a lot of our time and focus. Reading the wrong book means the loss of our time and brain energy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Muay Thai books in the market but not all of them are good for us.

So, to make sure that no Muay Thai fighter wastes their time and brain energy, here is a list of the best Muay Thai books for beginners.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

The Art of Eight Limbs The Science of Nine

The Art of Eight Limbs The Science of Nine

#2 Runner Up

Muay Thai Basics- Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques

Muay Thai Basics: Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques

#3 Third

Muay Thai- The Footwork- The Secret to Learning the Art of 8 Limbs

Muay Thai: The Footwork: The Secret to Learning the Art of 8 Limbs

Buying Guide

Books may not be fighting equipment in Muay Thai fights. Nor are any fashion equipment. They are just books. They are only to be read and acknowledged for what they mean.

But that does not mean you should grab and buy any books. Just like any other thing, a book also needs your consideration while buying. You are paying money for the book after all. So better you buy something good that will be readable after years.

So what things should you consider when buying a book? The price and page numbers? Yes but there are more.


The most important thing to consider is what contents are in the book that you are buying. You don’t want to read a book that has zero content about the topic you are originally buying it for.

You might have heard the saying about judging a book by its cover. This is exactly what we meant. Don’t buy a book by simply looking at its cover. It might be a scam for the publishing company to grab your money.

To avoid such types of scenarios, just look at the index of the book. Every book has an index and from there you can easily find what you need. So before buying a book, take a look at its index to see if the contents inside are really what you are buying it for.

If by any chance there isn’t any index in the book, then there should be a summary about the book in its place. If there aren’t any summary, then look it up on the internet. Also, see what readers say about the book. This will give you an idea about what is in the book.


One of the drawbacks of the internet and smart technology is that anyone can look up anything on the internet and act as an expert on a topic. This creates a lot of fraud activities and some even have written books using this fraud technique.

You don’t want to learn from a fraud author, no one wants to. So have a look at the author of the book as well. Look up his/ her biography and previous writings. Is he/she highly appreciated by the readers?

Always buy books of renowned and appreciated authors. Their books will have authentic contents and they will be helpful in your life.


As you know the saying about judging a book by its cover, you might ask what is there to be considered about the book cover? Actually what we meant is what type of cleverness the book has.

There are usually two types of book covers. Hardcover and paperback.

Hardcovers are very protective. They are durable and last for a long time. But they are also heavy and expensive. If you want to keep your book on a bookshelf, then a hardcover will be best.

But if you are planning on carrying that book in your backpack on travel, then it is better to buy a paperback cover.

As you are buying a Muay Thai book for beginners, it might have techniques that you might have to try in sparring. So you might have to carry it around in your bag. So we think you should buy a paperback book. On the bright side, paper book cover books are much cheaper. All you need to do is stay a little careful with it.


There are quite a lot of bookbinding techniques. In publication books, case binding and perfect binding are commonly used. Both of these bindings are good but to be fair, case binding is better.

But the type of binding does not determine if it will hold together for long. The quality of the thread is also a factor. You will have to be the judge in this case.

When buying a book online, you cannot observe the binding of the book. But when buying from a physical store, be sure to check its binding.


Price is something to consider too. Don’t buy directly from the first seller. They may charge a higher price since you are buying the book for the first time.

So what you can do is ask other sellers and get an idea of how much the book will cost. No matter what, never stop searching for alternate sellers. Then choose the most lucrative deal and purchase the book.

Top 10 Best Muay Thai Books

This is one of the best books for starters in Muay Thai. The author, Stuart Hurst, is a Muay Thai legend. So obviously learning from his book is like learning from the legend himself.

According to Ajarn Stuart Hurst, this book is not like your regular how-to-do type of book. Rather it is a how and why type of book. This book contains all Ajarn Stuart Hurst’s 50 years of knowledge of Muay Thai.

Readers can use this book as their A, B, C guide for Muay Thai. It contains a step to step guide of various grandmasters that Ajarn Stuart Hurst has trained with. He put that knowledge and also put his unique style of fighting in the book as well.


  • Lightweight
  • A step to step guide for beginners
  • Explains why each moves is performed in such ways


  • Not available in hardcover
  • Nothing more than a step by step guide

Written by Christoph Delp, a Muay Thai expert. He is also a Muay Thai teacher and a coach of martial arts and fitness. He has many books about Muay Thai published in his author career and this Muay Thai Basics: Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques is one of those.

Muay Thai Basics: Introductory Thai Boxing Techniques, this book in particular is written for beginners in the sport. It knows all the basic techniques of Muay Thai. This book does not contain advanced Muay Thai techniques like counter kicking.

But for beginners, it is the perfect book to read and practice with.


  • Available in Kindle ebook format
  • Demonstration with pictures and illustrations
  • Easy to understand


  • Not available in hardcover format
  • Does not contain any advanced move

This book focuses on the footwork in Muay Taii fights. If you have a problem with your footwork in Muay Thai, then give this book a read. It contains all the guidelines you will need in turning your footwork from zero to expert.

According to the author Kry Tony Yuan, footwork is the first secret of making an effective blow on our opponents using any of your eight limbs.

The book has a fully illustrated demonstration with a diagram of footwork. So you won’t have any difficulties in understanding the guidelines. One more thing to consider while buying this book is that it focuses only on footwork. So it is not an overall Muay Thai guide for beginners.


  • Available in Kindle ebook format
  • Beautiful illustration and diagram of demonstration
  • Detailed instructions for footwork


  • Does not emphasize on hand techniques
  • Not available in hardback format, will get damaged easily on bookshelf

This book is a small handbook of 33 pages. It is written by Nick Gorman, who is a South African national champion in Muay Thai.

This book contains all the basics and introductory knowledge a beginner in Muay Thai needs to know. Nick originally published this book to attract more and more new fighters into the sport. It can also serve as a good motivational book for beginners.


  • Available in Kindle ebook format
  • Contains a motivational introduction to Muay Thai and martial arts


  • Not much of a detailed instructions manual
  • No advanced techniques

Written by Sam Sheridan, this book explores and teaches new fighters the mental perspective of Muay Thai. As you enter the world of Muay Thai, you will hear the saying, Muay Thai fights are ninety percent mental. This book gives you an insight into what it clearly means to have mental control in Muay Thai fights.

This book will prepare new fighters mentally to keep themselves disciplined during the fights. Mental discipline is very crucial in Muay Thai. If you are having mental trouble in Muay Thai, then give this book a read.


  • Teaches you mental discipline
  • Available in ebook, hardcover, and paperback format
  • Free to listen in Audible free trial


  • Doesn’t contain any physical guidelines
  • All about the mental aspect of the game

The author of this book is none other than Micheal Gordon, a Muay Thai fighter. His writing and narration in this book are highly appreciated.

In this book, Gordon gives us an insight into Muay Thai from a Western perspective. He narrates his journey towards the sport, where he fights and interviews many great Muay Thai fighters.

It shows how people lost interest in the Western living culture and left for the minimal fighting style of life in Thailand.

Overall, it is an incredible masterpiece for motivation and inspiration for Muay Thai.


  • Incredible interpretation
  • Available in Kindle ebook and paperback format
  • An inspirational book for newbies in Muay Thai


  • Not a step-by-step guide
  • No technique demonstration

This book is all about preparing you spiritually to gain full control of your body and its senses. After all, that is the true secret of winning Muay Thai fights.

Not everyone can achieve such feats, so you, as a beginner, should try achieving that from the beginning. For that, this book will be the best choice.


  • Prepares you spiritually
  • Teaches you about flexibility
  • Available in paperback format only


  • Not available in hardcover or ebook format
  • No direct technique for attacking your opponents

This is another masterpiece that teaches you the mental aspect of fighting in Muay Thai. It may teach you mental discipline but the real lesson it gives is why you should fight your opponent.

Most of the beginners lack the inspiration of why they should fight someone. It is important to understand and find that “why” and this book is the best solution for that.


  • Available in Kindle, hardcover, and paperback format
  • Free with Audible free trial
  • A story of inspiration


  • Not idle for those who are looking for a Muay Thai guide

This book is all about teaching you Muay Thai from scratch. Written by Jerry Helens, it covers all basic preparation of Muay Thai and will guide beginners throughout their training. It will help you in achieving both a mental and physical balance.

Also, it will teach you more than basics like how to understand your opponent’s psychology and fighting pattern.


  • A basic guide with some advanced lessons
  • Perfect for beginner and rookie fighters


  • Not available in hardcover format
  • Not too advanced

Written by two fighting experts, Anderson Silva and Glen Cordoza, this book will teach you about all essential and some advanced grappling moves needed in Muay Thai and other martial arts sports.

It explains all moves and their demonstration in a clear and understandable manner. If you are looking to add more moves to your arsenal, then this book will be the best place to begin with.


  • Written by Anderson Silva and Glen Cordoza, two fighting experts
  • Understandable instruction and demonstration


  • Originally meant for MMA
  • No hardcover and digital ebook format available

Helpful Info

If you are someone who reads books at home, then there is one great opportunity for you and that is eBooks.

eBooks are digitized versions of traditional books. It may sound a bit disadvantageous because then you only have a digital copy of the book. There will be no physical copy that has weight, touch, and feel.

True, those are the downsides of having digitized, ebook copies. But it has some great advantages. The first advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the physical space of storing the book. All the eBooks will stay in your computer’s memory. If you want, you can upload it into your cloud memory space.

The second and best advantage is searching for certain topics in the eBook. You can argue that searching for a topic is possible in the physical copy via its index. But you will have to look for that topic in the index first and then browse to the page where the topic is.

But in the eBook copy, you can search for the words using the eBook word search tool and it will automatically show all results of that word/ topic in the book. Click in one of those results and you will be taken to the page where the topic is.

So, which one of these features would you choose? If you are thinking that you cannot travel with the eBook copy then you are wrong. Using your smartphone, you can read that eBook on the go.

So, we believe that the eBook copy will be the better deal. The only thing to give up here is the book’s physical existence. But if you are fond of the old and traditional way and want to feel the book that you are reading, then go for the physical copies. In that case, you will have to take good care of the book.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can a book help a Muay Thai fighter?

Yes, it can. A book about Muay Thai fighting techniques will teach you about new moves of attacking, blocking, and taking down enemies. Other books of Muay Thai might teach you how to properly use your limbs in the fight so you don’t get hurt.

There are many types of books about different things about Muay Thai. By reading them fighters will learn something new.

What kind of book should a beginner fighter of Muay Thai read?

A beginner fighter of Muay Thai should start with books about Muay Thai basics, Muay Thai body science, etc. All basics should be taught first so that they can take safety measures for advanced fighting techniques.

Should I buy a hardcover book or a paperback cover book?

If you read books at home only, then we would recommend you to buy hardcover books. But if you travel with your book and read it on the go, then go for paperback cover books.



Muay Thai may be a sport of physical strength and technique, but that doesn’t mean book knowledge has no use here. There is always room for books no matter what sports we are talking about.

But you will need to read the right type of books. We have suggested 10 of the best books for Muay Thai. But that doesn’t mean you will have to stick with these 10 books. You can read others if you want to.

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