Best Muay Thai Gloves for Big Hands in 2021

Finding the right pair of gloves isn’t a major problem; the real challenge is finding perfectly fitted gloves. If you are a person with big hands, this is one of the most difficult tasks for you. For Muay Thai training, you need gloves that are neither tight nor loose. People with chubby hands usually find their gloves tight, this could result in restriction of blood flows, and after wearing it, your hands feel numb. If a person continues to wear fitted gloves, it can cause damage to blood vessels.

Choosing a snug fit is your choice. You can either choose completely fit or some extra snug fit. Comfort varies from individual to individual; you can decide yours by trying a few pairs of gloves before buying. Nothing is most important as your safety. During boxing, you can punch harder only if you are wearing protective gear. So, if you are a boxer, Muay Thai trainer, or fighter, you need to have these gloves. 

Here is a guide that will help you in finding the best Muay Thai gloves for big hands. Let’s dive into the details.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV9

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV9

#2 Runner Up

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVLA 2

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVLA 2

#3 Third

WINDY Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves

WINDY Leather Muay Thai Training Sparring Gloves

Buyer’s Guide

While choosing the best Muay Thai gloves for big hands, you need to be a bit careful and conscious. Gloves come in different sizes, and some of them are made for general purposes while others for specific functions. Your choice depends on the purpose of usage. However, here are some common factors that you must consider before buying a pair of gloves, especially if you have bulkier hands. 


Boxing gloves come in different sizes. The size of the gloves can be determined through the weight it has. Heavier padding and a larger hand compartment make the gloves heavier. Usually, the weight of the gloves varies from 8 to 18 ounces, and you can choose the one that is according to your hand’s size. 

If you are a professional, you can choose 18 ounces gloves, while for the beginner, you can normally select gloves that weigh between 12 to 14 ounces.  


Usually, Muay Thai gloves are made with genuine leather and have foam padding in them. While selecting the gloves, make sure to keep comfort your priority. Each manufacturer has different filling technology. Thus the comfort varies accordingly. Leather gloves are surely more long-lasting and classy than plastic gloves. Always notice the padding around knuckles and wrist support that your glove is offering because this helps in providing you protection. 


Decide your budget first, and then choose the gloves that fall within your range. You can easily find gloves of different ranges available in the market. We recommend you not to go for cheap products as these products are not long-lasting. Choose a product that is good in quality and comes at an affordable price. All the products that we mentioned in our list are a great choice as they are amazing products at a reasonable price. 


After using boxing gloves for some time, there will be an accumulation of sweat that may result in a bad odor. Sweat is a favorable environment for the multiplication of bacteria and fungi growth. To keep your gloves away from bad odor, the material used in the gloves should be highly ventilated. Make sure to notice the breathability of the material used in the construction. You can also spray aerosol deodorant on the gloves; this will help keep the moisture away and extend the shelf life of gloves.

8 Best Muay Thai Gloves for Big Hands

Our boxing gloves list always starts with our most favorite brand, Fairtex. These gloves provide the fighter with a better fit, especially to the large-handed boxers. It is a perfect option for those looking for protective gear to help them in their boxing. You can use them for Muay Thai training and bag-and-pad work. It is constructed by premium leather in Thailand. The high-quality material used makes it extremely durable and comfortable.

The hand compartment of the gloves has a soft padding that gives you a better feeling. Padding on the knuckles provides you good protection and safety. You will love the amazing wrist support that is provided by the long cuffs. Because of its extended Velcro straps, your gloves will stay in their place. You have to spend a few bucks at one time, and you will be at ease forever. 


  • Premium quality used
  • Good enough padding
  • Secure fit
  • Long cuffs



  • The gloves are a bit stiff

Twins is another famous brand of the best Muay Thai gloves for big hands. Whether you are a casual gym trainer or a professional fighter, these gloves are favored by everyone. Compared to other brands, it has more roomy compartments, which makes it suitable for large hands. Made with genuine cowhide leather, these gloves will stay with you for a long time. 

In these gloves, airflow is ensured as it has air mesh on the upper palm. The continuous circulation of air minimizes sweating and keeps your hands dry. It has a tight fit design that is beneficial for the trainers. For ensuring your complete security, it has wide Velcro wrist straps. These straps also help in quickly putting on and taking it off.

The best thing about these gloves is that it comes with a deodorizer bag, the bag contains activated charcoal and coconut shell. Usually, after a long training session, a bad odor starts coming from gloves; this deodorizer bag minimizes the odor. It comes in different weights and sizes; those with heavy weight are better for the intense workout as they have extra padding.


  • All-purpose gloves
  • Highly breathable
  • Keeps odor away.
  • Provides full security



  • Not heavy bag training

While looking for Muay Thai gloves for big hands, the most important thing to consider is the hand compartment of gloves. Fortunately, Windy training gloves have one of the biggest hand compartments as compared to its competitors. It comes in different sizes, while the largest is 18 ounces, suitable for sparring and training.

Made with high-quality leather, these gloves look classy. This brand has been making gloves for many decades, so they know very clearly how to make quality gloves. The dense multi-layered foam padding makes it very protective and comfortable for the users. It comes with attached thumbs that make it suitable for a rigorous workout.  The hook-and-loop closure makes it easy to use. 

The design of these gloves is very simple, and this makes it the favorite of the people who love classic looks. This brand is renowned among the fighters who have been training for a long time. 


  • Multi-layered padding
  • Highly protective
  • Convenient to use
  • Big hand compartment


  • Velcro straps stop working after some time

The title is another amazing brand of Muay Thai boxing gloves. It comes in different sizes that support all sizes of hands. The extra-large is made for the bulkiest hands, and extra small is for a small hand. Usually, the average weight of the gloves is 16oz, while if you love to do sparring, you must choose gloves of 18oz as they will be protective for you and your partner.

The outer side of these gloves is completely made with leather that makes it more durable and gives a classy look. For ensuring cool and dry hands, the lining inside the gloves is highly breathable. These gloves are perfectly comfortable to wear as they will resist moisture and odor. 

The wraparound wrist strap is adjustable. This allows every user to use it effortlessly. The hook-and-loop closure and D-ring make it easy to use. You can customize the fitting according to your choice. This pair of gloves excel in performance, style, and protection because of the multi-layered foam padding. Gel lining in it makes it highly shock-absorbent and impacts resistance. 


  • Enough padding
  • Suitable for all hand sizes
  • Comes with gel lining
  • The fitting is adjustable



  • Heavier than others

Your hands need something that is loyal to them and keeps on supporting it in every thick and thin. The Hawk boxing gloves are another one of the best Muay Thai gloves for big hands as they allow you to adjust the fitting as per your size. These gloves are not only for Muay Thai but can be used for sparring, heavy bag workout, and kickboxing.

The breathability of these gloves is ensured by the pinhole in the palm, which not only keeps it away from moisture but also reduces offensive odor. The ventilation in this helps in increasing the hygiene efficiency. The V-impact foam design and padding in it minimize the chances of injuries. There is extra-thick foam on the knuckles and have separate foam on the wrist that gives it support.

To make the usage of these boxing gloves is easy, it has a hook-and-loop Velcro wrist strap.  Printing on it is unique and makes it different from ordinary gloves. Double stitching makes these gloves more durable and long-lasting. For ensuring extra safety, it comes with thumb lock features. You will be happy to know these gloves have a five-year replacement warranty. 


  • Provides full security
  • Protects knuckle and wrist
  • Completely hygienic
  • Reduces odor
  • Have foam padding



  • Not for professionals

We can’t complete our list of best Muay Thai gloves for big hands without mentioning Twins Special. If you have some doubt about the quality of these gloves, then don’t forget that the National Muay Thai stadium of Thailand only accepts the gear made by Twins. There must be something unique in these gloves that makes them stand out from all others.

Unlike other brands, it doesn’t have padding only around the knuckles but also on the wrists. A generous amount of padding makes it highly protective and provides good cushioning against the high kicks. The wraparound Velcro strap helps you in fastening these gloves conveniently and fast without any hassle. 

Made with high-quality leather, these gloves come in different sizes, from 8oz to 18oz. The hand compartment fits perfectly for every user. Although some users complain about the thumb placement as it gives them an awkward feeling. The color and style of these gloves are attractive, but the variety is limited.


  • Long-lasting
  • Thicker padding
  • Wrist and knuckle support
  • Durable Velcro strap
  • Snug-fitting



  • It is expensive than others

For all the fighters who love to do sparring and training, nothing is a better option than Fairtex. This Muay Thai-style gloves keep you protected and provides you full security. Made with high-quality leather these gloves claims to last for years as it is highly resistant to shocks. The genuine leather used in it makes it highly durable and comfortable. 

You will love the padding, as it is equally distributed and protects your hands perfectly, especially knuckles and wrist. The padding in it helps you in making a perfect fist. It is thoughtfully designed to provide a snug and secure fit to its customers.  The hand compartment is neither too tight nor loose. It fits well on the hand and also provides enough wrist support. 

If you are the one who is extra conscious about wrist support, then you can opt for the Fairtex boxing gloves with longer cuffs. The inner side of these gloves has a soft lining that keeps them away from moisture. Although it keeps your hands dry, you still need a deodorizer to keep it smell-free. One unique characteristic of this brand is that its price not only varies with the size but also with the design.


  • Durable material
  • Good knuckle protection
  • Secure wraparound
  • Easy to fit
  • Have a variety of styles



  • Fairly expensive

Unlike all other Muay Thai boxing gloves discussed above, the Hayabusa is not made in Thailand. The T3 gloves are specially designed to last for years and are perfect for Muay Thai and boxing. It performs much better than ordinary gloves as its cover is made with microfiber leather. The microfiber used in it is resistant to cracks, abrasions, and tears.

These gloves come with the attached thumb, and it also has a coating of microfiber leather; this allows you to wipe your sweat during training. The special inner lining gives it a fresh look and is highly comfortable. It is compact enough and helps you easily clench your fist. 

The hand compartment of these gloves is tightly fitted; thus, if you have big hands, you should wear it with hand wraps. You will have a secure fit with the double hook-and-loop closure. Wearing it may takes some time in the beginning, but you will get used to it with time. It comes in different sizes from 10 to 18 ounces, and you can choose the size according to your need. 


  • High-quality build
  • Sweat-absorbent
  • Have microfiber leather
  • Resistant to cracks
  • Double Velcro strap
  • Comes in seven colors



  • It would help if you bought hand wraps separately

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you in choosing the best pair of gloves for you. The selection of your gloves is a personal choice, and it varies according to your purpose, size, and budget. One thing that should remain constant is the thick padding that gloves should offer. The right gloves support your hand and reduce the chances of injury during Muay Thai training.

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