Best Muay Thai Gloves for Wrist Support

Have you ever considered the safety of your hand or wrist? It is the primary attacking limb of most Muay Thai fighters. Any cautious fighter will consider the safety of the wrist first before any other aspects of Muay Thai.

Breaking your hand will knock you out of Muay Thai fights and training for a considerable amount of time. It may even make you quit fighting permanently and put a deep scar on your life. So it is of utmost importance that you protect your hand.

But what options do you have in Muay Thai for hand protection and wrist support? Hand Wraps and gloves. Handwraps alone are a good protective measure but putting the gloves on is a far better option. Muay Thai globes have extended padding like Muay Thai shin guards. But that does not mean that you can pick any Muay Thai gloves and jump into a fight without any worry of injuring your hands.

Then which gloves should you use? Have a look at the list we prepared below and find the perfect pair of gloves for yourself.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Training Sparring Gloves

Fairtex BGV-1 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

#2 Runner Up

Top King Muay Thai Gloves

Top King Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

#3 Third

Twins Gloves for Training and Sparring Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing

Twins Muay Thai Gloves

Buying Guide

Muay Thai gloves are to protect your fists from taking any critical damage and suffer from injury. And thus, it is necessary that you make sure that you have chosen the right type of gloves with the right properties for you. Now the first thing you and other beginner fighters will think about is price. Indeed, price is an important factor but that does not cloud your good judgment.

For choosing the perfect Muay Thai gloves for your hand, you will need to consider a few key factors. You should begin with the size of the gloves. Then what material is used in its construction. Then look at its padding and protection. Next, you should consider the room and comfort of the gloves. Then finally you should look at the price.


Muay Thai gloves usually have sizes ranging from 8oz to 16oz. The bigger the size, the more padding you will have, and the more padding the gloves have, the more protection your hands will enjoy.

Knowing this principle, you might immediately choose the biggest size of gloves. But bigger gloves mean more heavyweight. If the weight of the gloves exceeds your weight class, you might have trouble punching with it. So take a look at the size chart of the gloves and choose the right one according to your weight.


Usually, gloves are made with synthetic and genuine leather. Always go for the one made with genuine leather. They will last for longer. But the synthetic ones aren’t that bad. They are also a good option if you are on a budget.


Muay Thai gloves have padding all over the fist. The knuckle and the back and top of the hand are also padded. Boxing gloves have padding in the knuckles only.

So, if you want a glove with full padding, look for one that is made for Muay Thai.


By comfort, we meant space and breathability of the gloves. A less roomy glove will feel snuggly and comfortable. But if you want to wear it with headwraps them, make sure it has more space inside.


You should not be a lowlife while buying a pair of gloves. But that does not mean you should be a fool either. Judge the price of a glove by its material and quality. Usually, genuine leather gloves cost more than synthetic gloves.

Top 10 Best Muay Thai Gloves for Wrist Support

Fairtex has been a reliable source of Muay Thai gears. They have all good quality products like Muay Thai rash guards and hand wraps. These gloves also live up to that standard of Fairtex’x reputation.

These BGV-1 series gloves have a leather construction that makes them incredibly durable and will last for a lifetime. The heavy paddings will protect your wrist and knuckles when throwing heavy punches or blocking enemy attacks. It is also softer than any other Muay Thai gloves. Overall, these Fairtex BGV-1 deserves all your praise and recognition.


  • Leather body
  • Velcro closure
  • Available in many colors and design


  • Can easily slip from place

Top King Boxing gloves are among one of the top choices for Muay Thai training. Many gym trainers and expert fighters of Muay Thai recommend this brand. Their gloves have durable quality and stylish aesthetics. It will make you look cool in the ring.

These Top King gloves come with three stylish designs that will reflect your personality as a fighter. The Super snake in white and silver, the Super Star, which is available in red and yellow. 

The gloves are made with premium leather from cowhide. It is durable and will last for a long time. The padding is foam and it goes from your knuckle to the back of the hand. It has a velcro closing. But the closing goes all up to your forest. This extended velcro provides a better grip than traditional velcro closings.

The compartment inside is soft, small, and snug. The light compression will make your hand feel comfortable when wearing them.


  • Snug compartment
  • Stylish design
  • Fully padded
  • Long velcro closing


  • The small compartment might be uncomfortable for fighters with big wrists

If Top King’s snug compartment is too small for you, then you can consider Twins Muay Thai gloves. They may not have the stylish aesthetics of the Top King gloves but they surely have the expertise of them.

One fun fact about the connection between Top King and Twin is that both of the brands are owned by two brothers. So surely they share some similarities and it is visible in the quality of their products.

Twins Muay Thai gloves are also made with cowhide leathers and it has overall foam protection that goes all around the fighter’s hand. It also has a roomy compartment inside that is perfect for fighters with big hands. You can also wear these gloves with hand wraps.


  • Roomy inner compartment
  • Velcro closure
  • Durable leather construction


  • Minimalist design

These Yokkao Matrix gloves are an upgrade to their previous models. Although Yokkao is a relatively new brand to the others, it has caught up with the leading brands with its experience of the past decade. These Matrix gloves are proof of that.

These gloves are made with premium cow leather. They are kind of indestructible and will last for a long time. Under the leather construction, you will find shock-absorbing foam layers. This foam layer extends from the knuckles to the back of the hand. The whole top part of your hand is protected with this foam layer.

One thing that makes this pair of gloves unique is the double stitch seams. It ensures more durability. Yokkao also focuses on the softness of the gloves because, in Muay Thai, players have to do a lot of grappling moves that require them to grab their opponent with their hands.


  • Double stitch seam
  • Leather construction
  • Velcro closure
  • Available in many colors


  • Poor packaging

Also known as Windy BGVH gloves, these Windy gloves are favored by many Muay Thai fighters and trainers all around the world.

If you must know, Windy was the pioneer of Muay Thai boxing gears and shaped all the gears of the industry. These particular gloves may be old in their design but they are very durable and live upto the present-day standards.

They have a leather construction and shock-absorbing foam protection that goes all around the hand. It has the standard velcro closing which is easy to set up.


  • Leather construction
  • Velcro closure
  • Handmade


  • The design is classic and old, not very fashionable

Venum has always given the sports industry direction about style and aesthetics. This Challenger 2.0 gloves from Venum is one of their top-selling gloves and it is considered the best budget gloves for punching you can get in the market.

The glove was originally made for Boxing. So the only padding in this glove is at the knuckles. You won’t find any padding in other parts of the gloves. But the softness and price range make it a great choice for Muay Thai.

As it is soft, you can extend your fingers and grapple your opponent. With the knuckle padding, you can throw heavy punches. But blocking the opponent’s kick with these gloves is not recommended because there is no other padding in them.


  • Thermal mesh
  • Stylish design
  • Very soft design


  • Synthetic leather
  • Padding is only in the knuckles

These Sanabul Essential Gel gloves are one of the best budget options for Muay Thai wrist support. The only considerable drawback of these gloves is the synthetic leather construction. They will break easily in comparison with genuine leather but they will hold for a long time if handled properly. The best parts about these gloves are the mesh palm and the gel impact foam padding.

The gel impact foam padding seems more effective than regular shock-absorption paddings. You will surely get all the value of your money out of this pair of gloves.


  • Mesh palm design
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Gel impact foam padding


  • Synthetic leather construction

If you are up for impact gel padding than shock absorption paddings, then here is another great Muay Thai glove for you. This one comes with breathable palms too.

It has a triple-layer impact gel protection that ensures maximum impact distribution in every punch. The only considerable drawback is that it is made with synthetic leather. But it is also made with the best quality synthetic leather, so it will last for a long time.

The mesh palms make the glove more breathable which keeps your hand cool during the fight and training.


  • Triple-layer impact gel padding
  • Breathable mesh palms
  • Stylish design


  • Synthetic leather construction

These T3 punching gloves from Hayabusa are very distinct-looking gloves for punching. It was meant for boxing or punching, not for Muay Thai. The gloves come with four-layer wrist support and five-layer foam protection in the knuckle area. As you can see, it is not good for blocking your opponent’s kicks with it.

But the five-layer protection on the front makes it a good choice to throw heavy punches with it. Overall, it is a considerable choice fr Muay Thai


  • Dual Velcro wrist lock
  • Four-part wrist support
  • Five-layer foam padding on the knuckle


  • Synthetic leather construction

Trideer is not much of a famous brand in Muay Thai but this pair of gloves from them is a great choice for Muay Thai and it is also budget-friendly. The construction of these gloves is done with synthetic leather. Thus, it may not survive as long as genuine leather.

But the padding and protection of this glove are great. You will get multiple layer protection in it and it will distribute the impact of every punch effectively.

The locking mechanism is also great. It has a traditional Velcro lock but it also comes with hook and loop attachments.


  • Comes with hook and loop attachments
  • Budget-friendly
  • Mesh design, breathable, and palms stay cool


  • Available in only black color
  • Synthetic leather construction

Helpful Info

Why should you wear a pair of gloves in Muay Thai? Simple, to protect your hand from encountering any kind of injury. Muay Thai requires you to not hold back and punch your opponent with everything you have.

If you have ever punched someone and something empty-handed, then you know exactly why it is necessary to wear gloves in such types of sports. You can wear a pair of hand wraps for protection. They will work but wearing gloves will protect your hand on another level with its all-around padding. If you are extra concerned about your hand’s safety, then we recommend you to wear hand wraps and then Muay Thai gloves on top of that.

You may wear a pair of Boxing gloves in Muay Thai, but they will offer less padding. Boxing gloves have paddings in the knuckle area where Muay Thai gloves have padding in the knuckle and the top area. This extra padding is for blocking kicks of the opponent.


Frequently Asked Question

Is it mandatory to wear a pair of gloves in a Muay Thai fight or training?

No, there is no official rule that says fighters must wear a pair of gloves in Muay Thai. Wearing gloves in Muay Thai is the fighter’s personal preference. He/ she may simply not wear gloves and fight. But it is recommended to wear gloves or at least hand wraps for the player’s own safety.

Can I fight with Boxing gloves in a Muay Thai match?

Yes, you can. There is no official rule about fights wearing gloves in Muay Thai. You can interpret this rule as fighters are allowed to wear any sports gloves in Muay Thai unless they are deadly and lethal for their opponents.

Boxing gloves are not deadly for the opponents, so you can surely wear them in a Muay Thai fight.

What is the reason for manufacturers favoring Velcro locking?

Velcro closing is better than lace-up closing. They stay put in place and it is unlikely for them to slip out of place easily. That is why manufacturers favor Velcro closing.

What is the first thing I should consider when buying a pair of gloves for Muay Thai?

The first thing you should consider when buying a pair of gloves for Muay Thai is the softness of the gloves. Can you extend your fingers and grab your opponent easily while wearing the gloves? If so, then look at the other factors. If you can’t extend your fingers in the gloves, then look for other options.


Our hands and wrist are very important to us. Not only is Muay Thai but other day-to-day activities also require our hands and fingers in their 100%. You cannot risk the health of this important limb of our body in Muay Thai fighting and training.

It is true that we cannot foresee the future and predict all outcomes of when we will get injured. But we can take protective measures now and save our hands from deadly injuries. That is why we highly recommend you Muay Thai fighters to wear a pair of gloves while training or fighting. If you can buy a pair of hand wraps and gloves together and wear the gloves with the hand wraps on your hand. This will boost your hand protection and wrist support.

Remember, do not be a lowlife when it comes to the physical safety of your body.

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