8 Best Muay Thai Gloves for Small Hands - Review and Guide for 2021

If you are a boxer with small hands, then finding perfect fit gloves would be a challenge for you. All guys with small hands and narrow wrists must choose gloves specially designed according to their hands. Small hands are not a reason to spoil your mood or give up Muay Thai boxing. There are some advantages of having small hands that include dodging faster, defending quickly, and more precise punches. 

Training with loose-fitting gloves can harm you as it provides insufficient protection to your thin wrists. For Muay Thai boxing, it is essential to wear adequately fitted gloves to provide enough wrist support and adequate security. This article will help you in finding out some best Muay Thai gloves for small hands. Keep reading to know detailed reviews of unique products.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Top King Muay Thai Gloves

Top King Gloves

#2 Runner Up

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Muay Thai boxing for Men and Women

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

#3 Third

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Buying Guide

Choosing the best Muay Thai gloves for small hands needs a lot of research and effort. Here is a guide that will tell you how to select gloves for your thin wrist. Let’s go into detail about every aspect!

Wrist Support

Gloves must provide proper support to the wrist; otherwise, they may not function properly. A Velcro strap helps in providing support to the wrist. For small hands and thin wrists, the gloves come with extended Velcro straps. If you want Muay Thai gloves for sparring, you should go for lacing instead of Velcro straps. 


If your hands have high strength, then heavier gloves will be suitable for you. On the other hand, for training purposes, you can prefer light gloves. While protecting yourself, you must also know how to protect yourself. The padding in the gloves decides the weight of the product. Usually, the average weight of small hand gloves is 10 to 14 oz. 


Gloves, on the other hand, can cause sweating which promotes odor-causing bacteria. So, it is recommended to always choose ventilated gloves as they are more comfortable and do not cause any stinginess.  


Different types of materials are used in the construction of small hand gloves. Usually, they are made with cowhide leather, synthetic leather, or genuine leather. Modern synthetic leather is more durable and is a better choice than many others.

8 Best Muay Thai Gloves for Smaller Hands

Among all the Muay Thai brands, Top king gloves are best for all small-handed people. Your small hands should not discourage you from your kickboxing or Muay Thai passion. These gloves fit perfectly on your hands, and besides being functional, it also looks very stylish. 

These gloves will be your best partner even during the highest levels of workouts. The molded shock-absorbent layers keep you protected and save you from injuries. The extra foam padding will cover your wrist. Although the all-around padding gives it a bulkier look, it also provides good security.

Even if you have thin wrists, you don’t have to worry much about this, as the Velcro straps will fasten easily. For all small hands, it is highly recommended by the gym trainers and experts. 


  • Multi-layered
  • Provides enough protection
  • Extra padding
  • Stylish and functional


  • Bulkier than other

Hayabusa is a perfect combination of advanced technology and ultimate protection. These training gloves have incredible features and are designed after complete research by experts. Your tiny hand will get an ideal tailored fit with these gloves. The interior fabric of the gloves is breathable and smooth, which helps in regulating your hand temperature.

Whether you want to do kickboxing, Muay Thai, martial arts, or boxing, the interlocking Velcro will provide support to the wrist. Your wrists will stay at their place while punching, which protects your joints from any risky conditions and injuries. They are less bulkier than Twins and Top kings, which allows them to fit perfectly on smaller frames. 

During training or sparring, your knuckles will be highly protected because of their premium foam technology. The engineered leather used in the construction makes it highly durable and comfortable. It weighs only 10-12 ounces, which is perfect for small hands. Although they are more expensive than other brands, we all know that quality always comes with a cost.


  • Comfortable feel
  • Sufficient wrist support
  • Premium quality
  • Foam technology
  • Good fit


  • A bit stiff gloves

If you want to avail the best value for your money, then we highly recommend you Venum Elite boxing gloves. Your hands will have all the comfort that you must be looking for during your training. It comes with thick padding and a padded palm for ensuring your pleasure. The ventilated mesh design provides the proper flow of air and keeps your hands dry.

Your knuckles and wrist will thank you for providing them with triple-density foam, and this also absorbs impact force quickly. The best thing about these gloves is that they won’t affect your punching speed because of the lightweight design. The three layers of natural foam help you in training and boxing. Sintex leather used in the formation of these gloves is highly durable. 

You might not like its long cuffs, but they won’t restrict your movement and will offer you excellent support. With just a little care and maintenance, these gloves will stay with you for a lifetime. It will fit perfectly on your tiny hands without leaving any extra room.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Have durable leather
  • Breathable and ventilated
  • Lightweight



  • Slightly long cuffs

All the kickboxers and fighters love to have different types of gloves that will help in meeting their specialized training. Your tiny hands must not be an obstacle in your way of success. These multi-purpose gloves are an excellent option for pad and bag work. It is specially designed with leather and ensures to give a secure fit to your small hands. Usually, thick padding in gloves makes them much heavier, while these heavily padded gloves are lightweight. 

Putting on and off the gloves is easy as it comes with a hook and loop wristband. Your hand will be protected entirely as the padding in it is thoroughly distributed. All your training drill needs will be fulfilled through this fantastic product as it is an ideal mix of weight, comfort, and security. 

As you punch your bag, you might feel the punch, but it will not cause any injury. The cowhide leather is used in the gloves’ construction and comes in various designs and colors. You will get wrist support through Velcro straps in it. These are considered the best Muay Thai gloves for small hands, and your hands won’t swim in any compartment.


  • Dense padding
  • Fit for small hands
  • Multi-purpose
  • Made with genuine leather
  • Tight fit design


  • The brand needs to improve its packaging

The Twins Special gloves are made with 100% genuine leather that makes them more comfortable and durable. For ensuring complete security, it has a Velcro wrist strap that protects it completely. You can quickly put it on and off because of its belt. It comes in different sizes; 6-ounce gloves are suitable for kids, 8 to 10 oz. is ideal for professionals, while 12 to 16 oz. is ideal for training.

If you are an advanced fighter and do high-intensity workouts, then always go for extra weight gloves. Extra padding is recommended for sparring and training. Many men and women have skinny wrists, and if you think that they can’t make a good punch, then you might be wrong. The most important factor for thin wrists and small hands is that they must be able to fit perfectly. Gloves that are loose can cause injury in the middle of the sparring session. So, it would help if you chose snug-fit gloves according to your hand’s size. 

Extra padding around the fingers makes them more comfortable and protective. Although the padding is lusher around the fingers, you can still open the gloves effortlessly. The moment you will hold these gloves in your hand, you will get to know the reason for its high price tag. 


  • Lightweight design
  • Extra padding
  • Adjustable
  • Perfect for training and sparring
  • Provides protection


  • A bit expensive

Trideer Pro gloves are the most favorite of the users in the current market because of their fantastic design and incredible features. Apart from its budget-friendly price tag, it comes with a pre-curved design that has the ability to fit perfectly on small hands. You won’t find any difficulty in clenching the fist as the gloves fit ideally on the fingers. 

The inner padding of multi-density foam provides it cushioning and has good shock absorption properties. Made with high-quality synthetic leather, these gloves are highly durable and offer you excellent performance. Its premium quality makes it suitable for heavy workouts. You and your sparring partner will be protected through its impact resistance and shock absorption padding.

After wearing these gloves, your small hands can do kickboxing, sparring, Muay Thai easily. The breathable mesh keeps the inner area dry and free from sweating. After using it, just a few hours of sweating can remove all the annoying odor. Just clean it with a wet cloth, and it will be all ready to use for the next time.



  • Superior quality
  • Best protection
  • Comfortable
  • Extra secure fit
  • Multi-density foam
  • Plush padding


  • Ventilation isn’t the best

The RDX boxing gloves have amazingly positive customer reviews because of their uncompromising durability, and all credit for this goes to Maya hide leather used in construction. No matter how hard you hit or punch, these gloves will stay the same. The material used in it is resistant to cracks and tearing; this allows you to use it for your high-intensity workouts. Your small hands need something that ensures to provide them protection and security. 

The long hook-and-loop strap provides you with better support and a perfect fit. It has advanced technology that helps provide more natural air and reduce moisture content that may develop because of sweating. Your gloves won’t slip as your hands will remain completely dry. These gloves have Quadro-Dome technology that provides you with ultimate protection. 

While working out, your wrist and thumb position must be stable and aligned; efficient foam padding could only achieve this. The shock gel inside the padding will decrease injuries; this makes training easy for you.



  • High resistance
  • Superior wrist control
  • High dense padding
  • Effective layering


  • Customer support isn’t good

Do your workout as fast as you can and hit hard with passion by using these amazing boxing gloves. This pair of gloves comes with extra cushioning and appropriate padding. The gloves’ interior has shock foam that helps in absorbing all the shocks making it super protective for you. Men, women, and kids can use it. You can make your kid’s birthday special by giving him this amazing gift. 

It fits perfectly on hands and lasts for a longer time. The hand design is good enough to help you maintain your focus. The best thing about these gloves is that they come with a free pair of hand wraps that you can wear inside the gloves. These wraps help in providing you better protection and a perfect fit. The padding inside it ensures security for the users. You can help your kid to achieve his fitness goal by providing him with the right gear.


  • Encourages good performance
  • Comes with plenty of cushioning
  • Right padding
  • Long-lasting
  • Have free hand wraps


  • Not very good wrist support

Some Additional Tips That Will Help You

Out of several options available in the market, you must have a clear idea about your selection. Here are a few essential tips that will help you in making the best decision. 

  • Try the gloves of your Muay Thai fellows and check the fitting of their gloves. Within your gym, you will find different brands and various types of gloves that your boxing mates might be using. So, trying theirs before buying your own would be a wise decision.
  • Always look for good-quality material at an affordable price. Breaking your bank on gloves won’t be a good idea. 
  • You can also try the product from your gym gear or store, and this will also help you test the product before making some investment.
  • When you purchase a pair of new gloves, they may feel stiff in the beginning. So, keep in mind that you will be comfortable with your new gloves after some training sessions. 

Final Verdict

Having small hands isn’t something to worry about. The majority of the gloves available in the market are designed for standard-sized hands. But this doesn’t mean there is nothing for small hands. We have shared with you some of the fantastic Muay Thai gloves that are specially crafted for small hands. After reading these, you might have selected the one that is most suitable for you.

Let us know in the comments which gloves you love the most and why! The only limit is the sky, so you must keep flying high!

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