10 Best Muay Thai Kick Pads To Improve Your Skills

Muay Thai training is ineffective without good kick pads. Investing in a Muay Thai kick pad is worth every penny for training at home or with friends and of course, your gym, if you have one. Muay Thai isn’t a solitary exercise. It’s a sacred exchange between two martial artists. 

In this article, you’ll learn all there is to know about Muay Thai kick pads. This training involves a lot of sparring and clinching, but also pad work to work on techniques and internalise combos. Muay Thai pads play a crucial role in the development of Muay Thai skills. This training heavily involves working your kicks and knees so you get the appeal. 

It’s natural to be particular about your gear. Muay Thai training in gyms typically involves group sessions. No one’s expected to bring their kick pads but after a few sessions, you’ll see the merit. You don’t want to feel the remnants of someone else’s sweat.

Having your Muay Thai kicking pad saves you from that embarrassment. Once you get used to your own, you can improve your fighting too. It’s best to invest in a lightweight pair but heavier pads are ideal against fighters larger than you. This article will help you find your right fit. Let’s take a closer look!

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Curved Muay Thai Kick Pads by Fairtex

Curved Muay Thai Kick Pads by Fairtex

#2 Runner Up

Kick Pads by Twins Special

Kick Pads by Twins Special

#3 Third

Strike Shield Thai Pads by RDX

Strike Shield Thai Pads by RDX

The Ultimate Muay Thai Kick Pads Buying Guide

There are plenty of ways to approach this. You need to know what to look for. What makes the best Muay Thai kick pad? Is it the shape, size, or material? Do brands matter? Everything does. It boils down to your needs though. Here are some of the things you need to keep an eye out for.

Curved Versus Straight Muay Thai Kick Pads

This has been a topic of debate for many. Which is better? Let’s break it down quickly. A curved kick pad is great for beginners. You can easily catch a kick or stop a strike with this. Everything lands in place and they don’t glide away. Another benefit? They don’t take long to break in.

With straight kick pads, you need some time for it to bend. You need to go through a significant number of training sessions before that happens. Your pads break from taking blows. So it’s easier to get one that is curved from the get-go. However, it all comes down to whatever you’re comfortable with!

Length and Breadth

You’ll notice that Muay Thai kick pads come in veritable shapes and sizes. Even if you’ve attended one training session. There are large pads that are thin and small pads that are thick. Each has its benefits. It depends on the type of session you’re attending. Is it high-intensity training or a relatively lower one?

Small pads with little thickness are ideal for long training sessions. You won’t wear out easily. It offers little protection though. So there’s an opportunity cost you need to consider. Another thing you should look into is the partner you’re working with. Their size matters too.

If you’re training with someone larger than you, you would require protection. Their hits will be much stronger than what you’re used to. So a larger pad is preferable in this circumstance. A slimmer partner probably wouldn’t need such strong gear. So optimize your needs before making the purchase.

Brand Value

Specific brands cater to Muay Thai. You might think the price isn’t worth it but it usually is. Cheaper kick pads don’t deliver in terms of quality. They wear out easily and aren’t built for intense practice sessions. When it comes to martial arts, every penny is worth the price.

Look for brands which already made a name for themselves in the market. You’ll find a list of the best options in the market below. They offer the best value for the price. The brand matters because the best ones care about their customers. You might end up with lumpy, unusable products otherwise.

Construction and Material

There’s only one thing that matters when it comes to this. Always look for leather when it comes to Muay Thai kick pads. It’s a worthy investment. You’ll notice that they last longer and can withstand more training sessions too. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s worth the splurge.

Genuine leather is hard to come by but synthetic leather does the trick too. The former is known for its longevity. The latter shows signs of use after a few intensive training sessions. That’s okay too. As long as the construction is still in place, you’re good to go!

The Top 10 Best Muay Thai Kick Pads

The Fairtex Curved Muay Thai kick pad is perhaps the best in the market. Yes, it comes with a fairly high price but it doesn’t matter. The payoff is worth it! You won’t get the same handle as any other. It shouldn’t surprise you as Fairtex is known to deliver some of the best Muay Thai equipment in the market. 

The company is hard to beat in terms of quality. This set is constructed from premium leather. That’s enough to get you sold. It’s handcrafted by artisans in Thailand. The overall construction is sleek and attractive. These pads will last you through years of heavy use. 

These kick pads are the most versatile of this bunch. Here’s why. They’re comparatively lighter in build but they come with heavy paddings. The straps secure the pads without sliding off. So you know your arms won’t bruise heavily! However, they are a bit bulky. Avoid if you engage in fast-paced fights. 


  • These pads are versatile and durable
  • They have comfortable straps that don’t budge during training
  • You can use them against all sorts of fighters


  • They’re pretty bulky so it’s hard to maneuver them
  • The pads come with a pretty price tag but it’s worth the investment!

Twins Special is perhaps one of the biggest names when it comes to Muay Thai equipment.  They’re known to provide quality products and this ticks all the right boxes. 

They are pretty expensive though. However, the purchase is worth it. It’s constructed from high-quality leather! You can also buy the pad in numerous sizes. So it can be used by multiple fighters who favor different techniques. 


  • They’re constructed from genuine leather
  • You can buy numerous sizes


  • These are straight pads

Lightweight and durable are two features every kick pad should have. This unique design delivers in terms of those and more. It protects your arms thoroughly and doesn’t slide off. The odd, oval shape has its merits. It helps you catch any wayward attacks from inexperienced fighters. 

The size is smaller than most typical Muay Thai kick pads but they get the job done. Since it’s compact, you can maneuver more easily. You move a lot faster too. So this is a great investment for quick strikers. It takes a while to break in though. You need to get used to using it before enjoying it. 


  • These quality pads don’t break the bank
  • It’s ideal for large fighters who like moving fast


  • The unique shape takes a while to get used to
  • The weight is concentrated on one area

These kick pads are the perfect balance of comfort and durability. They’re lightweight and hold against strong opponents. You can easily use them in intense training sessions. The value you get for the price is excellent too! So it’s a cost-efficient investment. 

The feature that really stands out is the shock absorption one. You won’t feel the more brutal hits on your forearms. They may be relatively inexpensive but Combat Sports ensured consistency. So it’s no surprise that this brand managed to charm the crowd with their reliable products! 


  • It has reinforced double-stitching which promises durability
  • The adjustable hooks and straps are sturdy and comfortable


  • The straps are comparatively short so bulkier artists might not find this comfortable.

If you’re a professional fighter, this kick pad is for you. It’s designed to take a beating. This is perhaps the most durable kick pad on this list. The design is different from the others too. It’s not wholly flat or curved. There’s just a slight curve to help keep the strikes centered. 

The contour also fits your forearms flawlessly. There’s additional padding to help you find the right fit. However, that’s not the best bit. This versatile kick pad weighs a little over 2 pounds. So, they don’t strain your arms while training either!


  • You can buy a single pair at a time
  • The contoured shape withholds simultaneous attacks


  • These come with a pretty heavy price tag

This is one of the cheapest Thai pads in the market which also delivers in terms of quality. It’s best for beginners though. Experienced martial artists would prefer something different. These kick pads are constructed from this clean vinyl material that sustains a lot of wear and tear. 

You can stand against hard jabs and hits. However, it’s not the best for high-intensive training. If you’re looking to keep a pair at home, this is a great fit. These kick pads also require airing out frequently. 


  • It’s affordable and durable
  • It comes with two hooks and straps for stability


  • It needs to be aired out after every use
  • The size is pretty bulky so it’s not effective in high-intensive fights

These kick pads have their flair. They are constructed in Thailand and have a chic design. It features padded straps and added support that’s great for long training sessions. This benefits both the trainer and the trainee. The shock absorption is unlike any other!

You won’t feel powerful kicks, knees, or elbow strikes with these. The size might be a pro for some and a con for others. It’s big and can protect your arms from most frontal attacks. It’s reinforced with resistant laces too. So the size shouldn’t deter you from making this purchase. 


  • It’s built from premium leather
  • The multiple density foam absorbs shocks easily


  • The kick pads are a tad overpriced
  • The bulky side isn’t ideal for small or slim fighters

These kick pads are perhaps the most comfortable. They’re small, light, and mobile. They’re not restrictive by any means. It feels comfortable in your arms. Now, that’s not necessarily a good thing. The added mobility means it might move around your arms too much. However, the straps are good and get the job done. 

It has reinforced stitching and the handles are seamless. So you know these kick pads are durable and less likely to rip. The added protection is somewhat unnecessary. You can easily get rid of them though. This can be handled easily by all sorts of fighters. 


  • It can be used by almost all fighters
  • The straps are comfortable and durable
  • It’s lightweight and can be used to fight against people up to 185lbs


  • You’ll feel some of the powerful attacks
  • The additional protection moves around a lot. It’s best to get rid of them before use

This is one of the lesser-known brands that offer great value. These kick pads are ideal for experienced fighters. You know you tend to get more competitive with time. So the fights tend to be more brutal too. This is why you shouldn’t leave room for vulnerabilities. That’s why these kick pads are a worthy investment! 

Play smart with these Muay Thai kick pads. They’re constructed from high-quality synthetic leather which helps you withstand powerful blows. There are also dual handles for better gripping. The compressive padding helps you tackle the more violent opponents.


  • The product is stable, durable, and easy to grip


  • You can only buy single kick pads

If you’re looking for kick pads exclusively built for beginners, this is it. It’s particularly useful for kids or young adults. It’s durable and sturdy. Also, it’s ideal for fast-paced training sessions. Sanabul is known for fine-tuning its products for optimal use. This is no different. 

These kick pads are great for strikers. It’s even attested by UFC champions. These pads are lightweight and built traditionality. It makes use of a velcro loop enclosure that adds a modern touch.


  • The pads also have three handles, two of which are adjustable
  • The materials used are excellent and promise durability


  • It’s built for beginners in particular
  • They don’t hold against bulky opponents

Frequently Asked Questions 

This section will address all the commonly asked questions regarding Muay Thai kick pads. Let’s get started. 

Why should you get Muay Thai kick pads? 

The better question is, why shouldn’t you? These pads help you strike, block, dodge, and counter moves. It keeps you balanced. You get to control the timing of your attacks and movements. Also, you don’t get the brunt of your opponent’s attacks. This means you can spar more frequently and repeatedly. 

Are kick pads better or heavy bags? 

Both the equipment are good for Muay Thai training. Heavy bags offer more in terms of training. Especially if you’re doing it alone at home. However, if you have a sparring partner, it’s recommended that you opt for kick pads. They increase your sensitivity and improve your skills. Also, it saves space!

When is it time to replace your Muay Thai kick pads? 

Firstly, the best Muay Thai kick pads are meant to last. However, every object has a lifespan. Kick pads included. They will deteriorate after frequent use over a long time. It depends on how much and where you’re using them. They last longer in colder climates. Do you know what’s the best indication for change? When you start feeling the impact of the attacks on your arms directly! 

Final Thoughts

Don’t get tempted by a cheap pair of kick pads. Invest your money in one which is worth it. The best Muay Thai kick pads will last you for years. It will be a stalwart companion in most of your training sessions. They will protect you from aggressive opponents and help you build your stamina. 

This is why the Curved Muay Thai Kick Pads by Fairtex is on the top of the list! The pads are curved and feel more natural against your arms. Also, it’s made of

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