Best Muay Thai Mouthguards in 2021

You can’t train for Muay Thai without the right equipment and you know it. Especially if you want to spar hard. It’s important to protect yourself from potential injuries. You never know when they land a lucky jab or kick. That’s why you need a proper mouthguard.

Muay Thai mouthguards are typically made from soft yet durable rubber. They play a crucial role in protecting your teeth and gums. Also, your face is the most vulnerable area during the fight. Imagine getting your jaw or teeth broken in the middle of the fight. Terrifying!

Buying the equipment is a tumultuous task itself. Especially getting it online. There are so many brands offering different things. They promise to deliver in terms of quality, material, longevity, and more. However, do they actually manage to deliver? No. Finding the right mouthguard is harder than you think.

The process is time-consuming and often, fruitless. Don’t worry though. If you’re looking to buy a mouthguard, you’re in the right place. This article will save you from scouring through hundreds of products. The list contains some of the best Muay Thai mouthguards in the market.

First, let’s take a look at the features you need to look for.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Challenger Muay Thai Mouthguard by Venum

Challenger Muay Thai Mouthguard by Venum

#2 Runner Up

Power Fit Muay Thai Mouthguards by OPRO

Power Fit Muay Thai Mouthguards by OPRO

#3 Third

Predator Muay Thai Mouthguard by Venum

Predator Muay Thai Mouthguard by Venum

The Ultimate Muay Thai Mouthguards Buying Guide

You should prioritize comfort when it comes to mouthguards. It takes time to get used to. You can’t buy it and use it immediately. It won’t fit properly. You need to break it in. Not finding the right fit is the worst thing to deal with in the middle of the fight. 

Also, people often think mouthguards safeguard your teeth only. That’s not true. It’s meant to protect your jaw too. This will reduce the chances of getting a concussion. The best mouthguard should keep everything in place. You need the right balance of safety and comfort in Muay Thai. Let’s see what you need to look for. 


As mentioned earlier, the fit of your mouthguard should be looked into. If you’re not comfortable with it, it’s probably not worth it. Make sure you train with it before getting into a combat training session. If your mouthguard doesn’t fit properly, there’s a higher chance of you getting injured. 

So always spend some time breaking in the mouthguard. Make sure it molds into your mouth. It should be able to keep everything in place during the training session. It’s the last line of defense against the wayward attacks. Don’t get thrown off even if your opponent gets a lucky hit!


What’s the point of getting a Muay Thai mouthguard if it doesn’t fit you properly? How will you engage in a proper fight if you keep readjusting the misaligned mouthguard? Getting the size and measurement right is the second thing you need to look into. 

When it comes to Muay Thai training, your mouthguard helps you breathe easily. You’ll have trouble breathing if the mouthguard is too big for you. You’ll be busy trying to keep it in place instead of focusing on your sparring partner. They might land a hit or two when that happens. 

Let’s not forget about the layer of protection. A mouthguard that is too small for you will leave you unprotected. It’ll move around more and you would need to clench onto it to keep it in place. So there’s a higher chance for you to get distracted by the discomfort. 

The right fit will alleviate all these problems. A Muay Thai mouthguard should snuggly fit against your upper teeth. You shouldn’t have to bite onto it. It should always stay in place. Consider getting it replaced otherwise. So find one which is snug but tight! 


Some fighters use mouthguards to showcase their style. So you might consider looking into the different designs brands offer. They even offer unique features. You can customize it or add your or texts. However, they tend to cost more. Ultimately, it comes down to comfort. This is just an added touch! 

Custom or Boil and Bite Mouthguards

If you’re looking for the best possible fit, custom mouthguards are the way to go. It’s designed for you specifically. So why shouldn’t you opt for it? The process takes a while though. A few weeks at best. You have to send an impression of your teeth to the company and wait for them to construct a mouthguard for you. 

Boil and bite mouthguards are more commonplace. They’re much cheaper too. It’s built from a material that’s said to deform in water. So the more you use it, the more it’ll conform to the shape of your mouth. Make sure the molding process is done correctly. Boil and bite mouthguards are the most cost-effective option!

Top 10 Best Muay Thai Mouthguards

Venum has been known to create quality products since its inception. This mouthguard is no different. It has excellent shock absorption which comes in handy during sparring sessions. The mouthguard is constructed with a high-density rubber frame too. Also, you can choose from ten colors. It’s a nice touch. 

All the products by Venum are produced in Thailand. They’re extremely affordable too. However, the only catch is that you can’t talk while it’s in your mouth. It’s pretty bulky. That adds to its durability, of course, but it’s pretty annoying to take it out of your mouth so often. 


  • It offers great protection for your jawbone
  • It’s made from premium quality products


  • You can’t talk while wearing this

This isn’t your conventional boil and bite mouthguard. The Power Fit Muay Thai mouthguard comes with a Power Cage. This two-piece system makes the molding process easier. You can adapt the mouthguard to every contour of your mouth. It’s safe, comfortable, and easy to work with it! 

Traditional mouthguards often require you to use your fingers to shape them. You would have to consistently press the equipment onto your teeth. The Power Cage helps with the process. It makes the mouthguard tight and snug around your mouth. This helps during intense sparring sessions! 


  • The fitting process is quick and easy
  • You don’t have to continuously press your fingers to mold it
  • It comes in multiple designs


  • It takes time to break into

You already know Venum is a frontrunner in the market. This design proves it. It utilizes this fit gel frame that enhances comfort. You can easily adjust it to mold your jaws. It’s constructed from this thin, flexible rubber that enables breathability too. Also, it comes in fourteen colors! 

This mouthguard is said to absorb high-density shocks. So you can stand your ground against a vicious opponent. It’s perfect for heavy-duty use. The only downside is that the product comes in only one size. You can’t also wear it if you use braces either. 


  • It comes in a multitude of colors
  • It’s cost-effective
  • The thin rubber enables breathability


  • It’s recommended not to use this with braces
  • This is not suitable for children

This affordable mouthguard is not only comfortable but durable too. It comes in sixteen different colors which appeal to those who like variety. Also, anyone over the age of seven can use this. So if you’re a young Muay Thai artist, you know what to get. You can also use this in other sports.

The gel-fit liner this brand sports allows the mouthguard to frame your teeth easily. However, it’s best not to use it if you’re wearing braces. Another thing worth noting is that it has a slight flavor. It has a subtle sweet taste during use. So if that’s something you like, go for it! 


  • It can withstand impacts from strong opponents
  • You can use it in a multitude of sports
  • It comes at a great price for value


  • You can’t use it if you wear braces

This is perhaps the most versatile mouthguard in this light. It’s excellent for continuous and light sparring sessions. It’s comfortable, breathable, and slim. Curious to know about a bonus factor? You can have better hygiene this way. It’s easy to talk, breathe, and drink with this. 

An important point to note is that mouthguards shouldn’t feel bulky inside your mouth. You don’t want to spend half of the time thinking about readjusting this equipment. It’s painful during sparring sessions. Especially the intense ones. This boil and bite mouthguard offer great value for the price. Just drop it in some boiling water before use. 


  • It comes in a multitude of colors
  • The slim fit ensures breathability
  • It molds against your mouth


  • It doesn’t come with a protective case
  • It’s not particularly safe against larger opponents

The ProDefenda mouthguard is great for several reasons. First of all, it’s a bite and boil mouthguard. It comes at a reasonable price and molds your mouth. The double-layer shock absorption. So if you’re planning to get into an intense fight, this is it! The outer shield is rigid so it doesn’t get displaced. 

The company also strategically places centralized air holes. This allows air to move freely. Not sold yet? The mouthguard also has an anti-slip pad! This means you’ll have extra grip. It won’t fall out of your mouth even with the hardest blows. Also, it’s lightweight. What’s not to like? 


  • It’s extremely breathable
  • The boil and bite feature means it molds your mouth perfectly


  • The design is pretty limiting

Redline Sportswear offers some of the best sports equipment in the market. This muay Thai mouthguard is no different. It offers a dual-layer technology that can save you from wayward hits. The company is known for its shock-resistant design. The impact is said to distribute evenly to prevent severe damages. 

Your teeth and lips are the most vulnerable during aggressive fights. That’s why this mouthguard is thicker in those areas. Your teeth are protected during unexpected violent hits! 


  • This protects you from massive blows
  • Your teeth and lips are protected properly
  • This also comes in eight different colors


  • It takes time to get used to

If you’re a professional Muay Thai fighter, then this is for you. You can use the Impact Custom mouthguard for numerous sports and for good reason. The mouthguard sports a thick rubber that keeps everything in place.  It’s designed to withstand strong impacts. 

However, it’s suitable for adults only. That’s okay though. There are other options on the list for kids and teenagers. One of the reasons why this is such a popular choice among users is because of the fit. You won’t face any problems even if some of your teeth are uneven. It’s a tad pricey though! Most custom fits are. 


  • You get the perfect fit with this
  • It’s suitable for professional matches


  • It comes with a pretty price tag
  • The thick rubber is bulky and needs time to get used to

RDX never fails to deliver. This durable mouthguard is an excellent companion to have during fights. It prevents any accidental enamel chipping too. Also, it sports a boil and bite technology. So, you know it’s molding your mouth perfectly. 

Another thing worth mention is that the perforations allow excellent airflow. With this mouthguard, you can talk and breathe easily. If you’re someone who trains frequently, this mouthguard is worth investing in. 


  • It ensures a perfect fit
  • The shell shock gel distributes the impact evenly


  • It’s bulky for some users and needs time to get used to

Guard your mouth, jaw, and teeth with this comfortable mouthguard. Champs believes in putting your best in your training sessions. So this mouthpiece acts as a stalwart companion in yours. 

Although it doesn’t have a boil and bite feature, it tends to fit your mouth perfectly. Mind you, it doesn’t work for everyone. However, it has a gel that helps you get the closest fit. It’s breathable too. So you won’t feel drained after every session. 


  • The steps are easy to follow and execute
  • You can easily use this in long training hours


  • The size doesn’t work for everybody
  • The thin material melts if exposed to water for a long time

Frequently Asked Questions 

This section will address all the frequently asked questions regarding Muay Thai mouthguards. Let’s get started. 

Should you get customized Muay Thai mouthguards? 

It’s a matter of choice. Customized mouthguards are the perfect fit for your mouth. You won’t have to worry about the mouthguard falling out or misaligning itself. You’ll breathe more easily. Just collect a mold of your mouth from the dentist and send it to the manufacturer. Or just use a specialized kit. 

However, it’s significantly expensive. That’s why Boil and Bite mouthguards are more popular. They’re cheap and come in a multitude of designs. You need to pay attention to the instructions though. This can be uncomfortable if you don’t execute them properly. 

How do you clean a mouthguard? 

It’s important to clean your mouthguard after every use. It doesn’t take much time either! Just place it in warm water and let it soak for a bit. Get some mild toothpaste and brush it thoroughly but gently! Also, make sure your water isn’t boiling. It’ll just deform the mouthguard. 

Are Muay Thai mouthguards necessary? 

If you plan to do extensive training sessions, yes. Mouthguards are crucial for proper training. It’s not limited to Muay Thai either. Getting injured in the jaw area can easily decapitate you. The pain might make you tumble and even get a concussion. So, if you don’t want to injure yourself so severely, go for it! 

Final Thoughts

Muay Thai Mouthguard by Sisu makes it to the top of the list for obvious reasons. It’s not only a boil and bite mouthguard but also a breathable one. You can easily talk or drink while using this. It’s excellent for long sparring sessions and can be used against numerous opponents. The size is perfect on most fighters too. 

It’s important to pay attention to your safety. Safeguard yourself with every possible means. Invest in one of these Muay Thai mouthguards to enrich your training experience. Each of the mouthguards in this list should do the trick. So get one and amp up your training today!

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