8 Best Muay Thai Shorts for Big Guys in 2021

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When we create a list of essential equipment required for the Muay Thai boxers, then one of the most important ones is the Muay Thai shorts. While throwing kicks, fighters love to expose their legs as it allows you free movement and provides you with the maximum amount of airflow required to keep them cool. Exposure of the legs also shows the intensity of the fighter’s kicks.

Finding Muay Thai shorts for the general boxer isn’t a significant problem, but it could be a more problematic issue for you, big guys. For more oversized or above-average guys, you need shorts that fit you perfectly; otherwise, you can’t perform effectively. Tight or small size shorts restrict the movement and also cause disturbance while training. One thing you can definitely try is to wear MMA shorts due to their stretchy material and generally larger fit. These are just as suitable for Muay Thai training as your traditional Muay Thai shorts. We’ve added some of them to the mix.

Fortunately, there are many options available in the market, and choosing the right fit needs a lot of time. We have shortlisted here the 8 best Muay Thai shorts for big guys; let’s look at them and choose the one you feel is most suitable.

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Quick Overview of Top 3

#1 Winner

Fairtex Slim Cut Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

Fairtex Slim Cut Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

#2 Runner Up

FLUORY Muay Thai Fight Shorts

FLUORY Muay Thai Fight Shorts

#3 Third

Anthem Athletics Infinity Muay Thai Shorts

Anthem Athletics Infinity Muay Thai Shorts

Buying Guide

Choosing the best Muay Thai shorts for big guys is a challenging and challenging task. It would help if you considered the following important factors before making a final decision.  


Shorts are usually made with polyester fabric. Make sure that the material is soft, lightweight, high-grade, tear-resistant, and has moisture-wicking abilities. Also, make sure that it is flexible enough to allow you free movement. As a boxer, you want something comfy you. Some shorts are made with nylon or satin, and we don’t recommend you these materials as they do not have good resistance. 


All of us want products with a long lifespan as we don’t want to waste our money. Those shorts that are made with excellent material are more durable than those that are constructed with cheap material. All the models that are weather resistant and are sweat-resistant prove to stay with you for a more extended period. 


The shorts must not be very tight or very loose. Only a perfect fit can help you in providing you better results. An elastic waistband on the shorts allows adjusting it according to your size. Make sure that you are selecting the size as per your waist.

Length of the shorts

The length of the shorts should be good enough to make you feel comfortable in public. Although it is a totally personal choice, if you are the one who feels more appropriate in long shorts, then you must purchase one size up. 


This is one of the most important aspects to consider as the wrong choice can put you in great trouble. Only the right size will help you in providing you enough comfort. There are some brands that provide you with an American size chart; for such charts, you need to be very careful while selecting.

We also have our average size chart here to help you identify which range you potentially fit in. And if you’re bigger, then we recommend to rather go one size up than down.

Size Waist (inches) Length
XS 24-26 13
S 26-28 14
M 28-30 15
L 30-32 16
XL 32-34 17
2XL 34-36 18


Design and colors

Shorts come in a variety of designs that varies in patterns and colors. Choose according to your style and needs. There are many options available in the market, and you can easily find the shorts according to your taste. Other than being functional, your shorts must also look stylish and attractive. 

Easy to wash

Those shorts that are easy to wash are preferred over others. Hand washing or dry cleaning could be difficult for you. So, we recommend you always go for the shorts that allow machine washing this will make your life easy. Easy maintenance also keeps your shorts away from odor-causing bacteria that may develop in the dirty fabric. 


Always make sure to look for the brands that offer you a warranty. The warranty may vary from one year to ten years. It is better to go for the product that gives you maximum warranty as you would be at the minimum risk.

Best Muay Thai Shorts for Big Guys Review

The Fairtex Slim Cut is our winning product because of the wide range of sizes it has. It comes in small to extra large sizes, making it perfect for every size person. In the world of combat sports, Fairtex holds a prominent place it is because of the super high quality of its products. Its stylish design makes you look attractive and feels good on your body.

These boxing shorts are stylish and super comfortable and allow you to move freely without any restrictions. For ensuring your comfort, it has an elastic band of six strips. The fabric’s material is top-notch, and it will remain the same even after washing it several times. 

Made with satin material, this product will stay with you for a longer time. It comes in very different designs; you can choose according to your taste. These boxing shorts is for all those people that crave larger sizes. You must be very careful about size charts and see which size is preferable for you.


  • Great design
  • Perfect fit
  • Long-lasting material
  • Comfortable
  • Ensures free movement


  • Finding size is problematic

The FLUORY Muay Thai fight shorts are made with 100% polyester and promise to stay with you for a longer time. The polyester used in it is very lightweight and is of ultra high-grade quality. The best thing about these shorts is that you can use them easily for different purposes, including workouts, running, jogging, training, and other outdoor activities. 

These shorts have moisture-wicking technology which means that they will not absorb moisture and will dry quickly. The logo on it is fully embroidered, which doesn’t crack even after using it for years. The stitching is firm enough to support intense kicks. The side slits stretch easily; this allows you enough movement and good flexibility. For all types of sports and cross-training, this product is an ideal choice.

The best shorts is the one that provides you with a perfect fit. These shorts come with an elastic waistband that helps in giving you a comfortable fit. The closure is also user-friendly and convenient for you to use. Make your next outdoor activity full of fun, and keep practicing with the most comfortable wear.


  • Tear-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Dries quickly
  • 100% polyester
  • Allows free movement


  • May cause some problems with large-sized women

Are you worried about your large size and can’t find a perfect fit according to your height? If so, you are in the right place because the Anthem is the best Muay Thai shorts for big guys. This brand quickly become famous after its launch because of the latest technology it uses in its products. These shorts provide you with the best fit and excellent performance. 

To ensure a better fit, it has an elastic waistband that comes with a drawstring closure making it easy for you to use this. The microfiber used in the shorts’ construction is tear-resistant, ultra high-grade, and provides you with good results. You can easily wash it in the machine without damaging the quality of the product. The side slits are super aggressive, which means that you won’t have to face any movement restrictions.

If you have a Muay Thai fighter team, you can order this in bulk and use this as a uniform for your team. It is a perfect combination of style and performance. This product is designed and tested for high-intensity workouts and competitions. Although it doesn’t come at a very low price, you must keep in mind that you always get what you pay for.



  • Ultra high-grade
  • Easy to wash
  • High performance
  • Provides the best fit
  • Comes with a guarantee


  • Sizing may deceive you, so be careful

This is another product of the Anthem brand that is thoughtfully designed to provide durable wear to the boxer. These shorts give a fighter an outstanding level of mobility, comfort, and excellent fit. Unlike ordinary Muay Thai shorts, this has a unique design and shape suitable for a high-intensity workout. Their unique design allows you to kick forcefully and up to a better range. 

One of the best things about these shorts is that it is long enough to make you feel comfortable in public. The microfiber used in the construction of these shorts is super tough and is lightweight. Say goodbye to dry cleans and hand wash; you can wash these shorts in the machine easily. The internal fabric is smooth enough to give you a relaxing experience. 

It has an attractive and signature look that makes it different from others. You can use these for all types of training, including kickboxing and boxing. Fitting is one of the most critical aspects. An important thing to notice is that the charts’ sizes are American, so you must opt for the one that is according to your need.


  • Extreme mobility
  • Tear-resistant
  • Super tough
  • Machine washable


  • No pockets

Make your sports and training full of fun and relaxation. These MMA shorts help your weight lifting, boxing, punching, yoga, cross-fit, running, or kickboxing. No matter what type of sports you want to do, these shorts will help you out.

The microfiber used in it is ultra-lightweight and has double stitching to resolve wear and tear issues. Its Y-shaped design gives you a perfect cut fit. You can have 360-degree ultimate movement through the stretched cotton used in it. The fabric used in it dries quickly and has moisture-wicking abilities; this keeps you away from moisture.

It doesn’t have any outer pockets, just hidden pockets that help in cross-training. The embroidered logo on the front side gives it a stylish and branded look. Both men and women can use it for their sports. It comes with a five-year replacement warranty, thus providing you maximum benefit.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Double stitching
  • Highly breathable


  • Some people don’t like pockets design

You won’t find a better-quality product at such an affordable price. Only the shorts with better combat power will stay the same over time. Made with cotton, these shorts help deliver excellent results and maximum flexibility without causing any problems. The sides are aggressive enough to support your high kicks and perform effectively.

The SUOTF products are specially designed by designers and come in unique patterns. You can use it for Muay Thai training, boxing, and all outdoor activities. The polyester used in it is lightweight and is tear-resistant. You can easily wash them in a machine without losing their color or fabric. It comes in different sizes, choose according to your need.


  • Affordable price
  • Comes in different patterns
  • String fabric
  • Water-resistant


  • Have no elastic

Being a bigger guy doesn’t mean that you will suffer for finding an ideal fit for yourself. The Ring to Cage training shorts is a fantastic product for all the big guys as their largest size will fit them comfortably and provides them with a better opportunity to perform effectively. It is specially designed for all the boxers that love to have loose-fit shorts. 

Made with polyester fabric, this is highly stretchable. It comes with a bi-directional waistband that is highly adjustable. The internal drawstring makes it relaxing for the user and adds value to his training as it provides a secure fit. It has fine stitching and a full cut that helps you in accommodating protective cups. These shorts are one of the best options for training and competition.


  • Super stretchable
  • Perfect fit
  • Superior construction
  • Fine stitching



  • Fabric wearing is easy

Top King is a brand that doesn’t need any introduction. It holds a prominent place in sports gear. If you are very picky about your products and can’t find shorts according to your class, top King will resolve your issue. It comes in 23 different styles with different patterns and colors you can choose from according to your preference.

As a big guy, you can go for the extra-large size. Even the extra-large size has three different sizes, so your large waist isn’t a problem anymore. Made with 100% polyester satin, these shorts are very comfortable and durable. The inside of the shorts is highly breathable; this ensures a proper flow of air. No matter what design you choose, it has an elastic waistband that helps you provide a better fit.

The shorts’ length is short, and the elastic band is thinner, so we recommend you to purchase one size up. The short length of the shorts helps provide increased flexibility and gives you the opportunity for higher kicks.


  • Variety of choices
  • 100% polyester stain
  • Durable
  • Highly flexible


  • No drawstring

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in choosing the best Muay Thai shorts for big guys. If your size is a bit larger than the average person’s, it shouldn’t hinder achieving your goals. We have shared with you some fantastic products. Choose the one according to your needs and make your next training session more comfortable. Kick high and show your talent to the world! 

Happy Kicking!

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