Best Venum Muay Thai Gloves in 2021

Venum is a common name in the world of martial arts. This apparel and equipment manufacturer has provided some of the best gear in the market. It’s not limited to Muay Thai only. You’ll find this name etched on boxing, jiu-jitsu, or karate equipment. The Venum Muay Thai gloves come in a long range of affordable prices too!

The brand is popular all around the world starting from Europe to America to Asia. It can even boast outfitting the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2021! The company was founded in 2008 but didn’t rise the ranks until 2011. It has witnessed an incline in popularity since then. Especially with the company’s doubled marketing efforts. 

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What do Venum Muay Thai gloves look like? 

Venum Muay Thai gloves often sport tribal style patterns. The brand name is etched in a loud yet aesthetic manner on most gloves. The aesthetic is best described as a traditional glove with a modern twist. These gloves are geared for Muay Thai, casual boxing, and most fitness regimes. 

You can use the more expensive models in serious fights. Wearing these gloves adds a boost of confidence. They’re not overly padded like some other brands. These gloves are flexible and durable. They’re perfect for Muay Thai fighters who enjoy sparring with their opponents. 

However, there’s a variety in Venum Muay Thai gloves too. The cheaper designs aren’t ideal for sparring or competitive combats. It doesn’t offer the right amount of support to your wrists. However, they work just fine if you plan to work with a bag or pads. 

The Ultimate Venum Muay Thai Gloves Buying Guide

Finding gloves of the right fit is a tough job. It’s hard to differentiate between the good and the bad. However, you just need to know what features to look out for. Once you’re familiar with them, you can easily tell which Venum Muay Thai gloves are better than the others. Let’s take a look. 

The Right Fit 

Venum gloves tend to be a little roomy. It’s perfect for fighters with large or beefy hands. This also enables them to be more flexible. You can easily keep up with fast-paced combats and fend off stray hits. These gloves also don’t need to break in. Many gloves are stiff and hard to work with. Venum Muay Thai gloves aren’t it! However, if you have smaller hands, this isn’t for you. 

Added Protection 

Venum gloves have excellent wrist support. They’re designed in the heart of Thailand so you know the company knows what they’re doing. While constructing these gloves, Venum takes clinching into consideration. So the flexibility around the wrists is more significant than others. 

You should also check the cushioning. The padding in the mid-range models is rather soft. It doesn’t offer sufficient protection against opponents. The premium models like the Venum Elite have no such complaints though. Those are better for sparring. 

Durability and Sustainability 

Most Venum gloves have reinforced seams. The quality the company is known for shines in the construction. It’s one of the top brands that offer the most durable Muay Thai gloves. It still has some catching up to do with Fairtex and Twins. However, considering that it’s a brand that isn’t based in Thailand, it’s not a fair comparison. 


Venum primarily uses synthetic leather. When it comes to materials like vinyl, ventilation isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. They retain moisture easily. So your sweat has no room to escape. You don’t have to worry though. Venum adds a breathable mesh fabric in their best Muay Thai gloves. This moisture-wicking material helps your gloves last longer. 

Bold but Beautiful 

You already know about Venum’s artistic approach. It’s in the middle of traditional and contemporary. It’s hard to beat Venum Muay Thai gloves. They’re both chic and fierce. 

Value for Price

You’ll find a wide range of prices when it comes to Venum Muay Thai gloves. It comes to the style you’re looking for. The better quality ones like the Venum Elite gloves come with a higher price tag. This doesn’t mean the ones which cost less are any less decent though. You can find quality gloves with pleasant designs at reasonable prices too.

Top 4 Best Venum Muay Thai Gloves

The Elite Muay Thai Gloves by Venum is designed in Thailand so you know it’s one of the absolute best in the market. The handmade gloves are constructed from the best, durable materials. A triple-density foam is incorporated for shock absorption. So, you can pick combat against an aggressive fighter too.

Improve your Muay Thai abilities by training intensely with these gloves. It’s the perfect companion to have on your journey to mastering martial arts. Even seasoned professionals enjoy wearing this. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys Muay Thai. 

This can take more punishment too. These gloves are constructed from Skintex leather. It’s high-quality synthetic leather that’s on par with real leather. It’s a tad pricey but the payoff is worth it! There’s also a moisture-wicking fabric on the inside. Look after it properly and it’ll last you a long time. 


  • The gloves come with padding that offers added comfort during intense training sessions
  • It’s an excellent entry-level glove for Muay Thai fighters
  • If you like to add flair to the game, these gloves come in versatile designs and colors


  • The gloves are designed to have space inside it so if you’re looking for a tight fit, this isn’t the best choice
  • Heavy trainers shouldn’t invest in this

The Contender Muay Thai Boxing Gloves is the most affordable model on this list. The Challenger is on par with this but the quality is a tad better. It’s perfect for basic training and classes. Beginners who signed up for casual training can get this. Especially since it’s not heavily padded. It’s not as durable as the premium models either. It is the best Venum Muay Thai gloves for the budget though. 

However, it’s not suited for sparring or intense fights. If you’re fumbling around with a heavy bag or pads, it’s a better fit. They are sufficient enough to bring up your level of training as a beginner. If you want to amp up your training and get into competitive fighting, the Venum Elite or Challenger 2.0 is a better fit. The more premium the model is, the more intensive your training can be. 


  • It comes in veritable sizes, colors, and sizes
  • The design is visually impressive for the given price
  • It comes at an extremely affordable price


  • It doesn’t offer enough protection in real fights
  • It is primarily used for training sessions and not sparring

The Challenger 2.0 is also one of the better mid-ranged Venum boxing gloves. They’re perfect for long training sessions. The quality isn’t on the same level as the Venum Elite model but it’s as good as. The materials are excellent and promise durability. However, like every other gym equipment, you need to take care of it. Air it out after every training session.

The padding around your wrists isn’t as thick as the Elite model but isn’t thin like the Contender either. If you’re planning to spar with an opponent, it should hold them off just fine. If you’re agile and lightweight, the Challenger 2.0 is built for you. After all, it’s said to offer optimum performance. 

It also doesn’t matter what level of Muay Thai you’re at. You can enjoy using these gloves whether you’re a beginner or a professional. The expertise put behind these gloves makes them a frontrunner in the market. These gloves also have a triple density foam that offers shock absorption. You won’t feel those stray hits that accidentally get to you! 

That’s not even the best part. The gloves come in a curved anatomical shape that fits your hands perfectly. This decreases the risk of injury. Furthermore, it comes with a mesh inside. So you can go into intense Muay Thai training regimes without worrying about sweat! 


  • It offers excellent value for the price
  • It has a curved anatomical design that fits hands perfectly
  • It comes with a breathable mesh fabric that absorbs moisture


  • The gloves begin to show signs of wear and tear after a few months of intensive training
  • The gloves might be too tight for those with beefy hands

If you’re looking for a traditional pair of gloves with a little razzle-dazzle, you’re in the right place. This limited-edition glove was designed in Thailand and sports an ergonomic shape. It’s optimized for the best fit so you know your hands are in a good place. The Velcro closure helps with precision too. 

That’s not all though. These gloves excel in terms of aesthetics. It comes with the Tramo design which makes a bold statement! These gloves also have trip density foam with excellent shock absorption. So your knuckles and thumbs are safe against wild, unexpected hits. 


  • The ventilation system enables proper heat regulation
  • It’s shaped to protect your hands against serious injuries
  • It has an anatomic shape that helps with gripping


  • They’re hard to maneuver
  • Pretty pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will address all the commonly asked questions regarding Muay Thai kick pads. Let’s get started. 

Should I get Velcro straps or lace-ups? 

This boils down to personal preference. Velcro straps offer a system to put on and off. It’s ideal for training sessions that require you to change activities frequently. In a competitive environment, lace-ups are a better choice. However, someone else would need to do it for you. That can get a little annoying.

Are Venum Muay Thai gloves different from boxing gloves? 

Yes, the differences are subtle but they exist. Muay Thai gloves offer more flexibility while boxing ones do not. You can clench your fist easily. The positioning of the thumb is different too. There’s more padding around your wrist too. On the flip side, the weight distribution is spread out in boxing gloves. 

What should you get if you’re a heavy-handed fighter? 

Again, it depends on your preference. A heavy-handed fighter doesn’t focus on a limited combination of hits. If you’ve trained with a long range of combinations, the Elite model is a great fit for you. However, if you’re more focused on offense then you can try the Gladiator model. 

Does the size of the gloves matter? 

It’s one of the most important factors. Muay Thai gloves come in a multitude of sizes. Each serves a different purpose. The heavier it is, the more padding and protection it’ll have. So always keep that in mind before making your purchase! 

How do you know if the Venum Muay Thai gloves are the right fit? 

Muay Thai gloves shouldn’t feel too tight. Blood circulation is important. So find a pair of gloves that has padding that can be broken into. It’ll ease off after a few training sessions. 


Final Thoughts

Overall, among the four on the list, the Venum Elite Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are the best. It excels in terms of quality, durability, and comfort. The price tag is pretty affordable too. If you know you’ll partake in an intense training session, this is a great choice. Beginners can opt for the Contender. It’s comfortable and affordable too!

The Challenger is for fighters who switch between training alone and with sparring partners. It’s less expensive than the Elite model but it doesn’t match in terms of quality. Either way, all four mentioned above have their merits. Pick the one which best suits your needs and levels and make the purchase!

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