A Honest Fairtex BGV1 Gloves Review [2021]

Based in Thailand, Fairtex is a renowned maker of fight equipment. Their primary focus is Muay Thai gears. Both locally and internationally, the brand has gathered accolades and recognition for its amazing product line. 

Fairtex was founded in the ‘70s and since then has come with top-notch, handmade equipment. You will find gyms all around the world endorsing their products. 

The BGV1 is the brand’s flagship product. You can get these in two variants, a standard version featuring a classic leather palm, and a “breathable” alternative equipped with a mesh palm that promotes airflow. We reviewed the standard version here.

Note that there are a few BGV1 variants featuring built-in grip bars but we don’t get into those here.

Weight and Distribution

The Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai gloves are available in the four most common weight variants: 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz. Make sure you look at the brand’s weight chart before purchasing. Too loose of a fit will tend to come off while you can’t wear a too-tight glove pair to begin with. The weight of the gloves is spread out quite evenly but there is a bit more heaviness towards the knuckle region. This works in reducing pressure on the knuckles and reduces the chances of injuries in that sensitive section.

Exterior Design

Given how it’s the flagship glove, the BGV1 is available in many, many colors. In fact, there are 20 color variants! Some have highlighted trims of different colors while few others feature unique patterns and special graphics. A common bit is the Fairtex logo scribbled across the back of the hand. There is a little stamp reading “hand made in Thailand” just below that. Moreover, the logo is stitched on the Velcro cuff.

If colors and style are a big deal for you, these gloves offer many choices so you can select something that matches your personal aesthetic. Naturally, a few of the designs are kept minimalistic deliberately and focus on utilizing the brand and color to give it a distinguished look.


You can overlook the style factor when you’re looking for a pair of functional, practical gloves but the quality of materials is one of the biggest factors. Fairtex impresses with its use of materials. The glove’s exterior is high-quality leather and it feels rather nice to the touch. Customers have agreed to this.

The interior is equally luxurious. A smooth lining feels comfy on the skin while around the wrist, the lining is replaced by leather. It might sound uncomfortable, but we didn’t notice it that much. Fairtex’s three-layered foam system is known to be excellent at absorbing shock and it truly lived up to the hype.

Now, since this is a Velcro boxing glove, the Velcro is definitely strong. The connecting zones cover almost ¾ of the circumference of the wrist, so don’t worry at all about it coming undone. The BGV1 is very resistant to wear and tear. Given how secure the fit is, you may find yourself struggling to get the gloves off from time to time but it’s only a small trade-off for safety. We found that the wrist portion could be a bit wide by design so you may need to pull tightly to fit it properly. 

We love that there are no tags on the gloves’ interior. Those pesky little things can cause scratches. The weight is mentioned next to the brand’s patch on the cuff.


We mentioned previously that these gloves are handmade in Thailand. It goes without saying that there is an underlying liability with purchasing handmade goods. There can be mild variations in the quality or they are susceptible to loss of quality significantly faster than factory-made goods. But we found these gloves boast incredible craftsmanship.

For instance, the stitching is super neat across the whole glove. An easy way to gauge any boxing glove’s quality is by noticing how the leather folds over the fists’ edges, and these have impeccable folds. The leather palm is a bit more crumpled than the rest of the glove, but we have to consider that this is usually bent over to form a fist. It’s perhaps also influenced by the color of the palms. A darker color is naturally less visible. 

The back and thumb of the first-come under a single leather piece. This adds to the visuals as well as the sturdiness of the gloves. You will find that the thumb is positioned very comfortably, however it seems somewhat raised than most boxing gloves – a common trait in Muay Thai style gloves. Thanks to this feature, it’s easy to grip and clinch contenders. To us, it felt like a matter of preference and not something to fuss over.


Hand wraps are indispensable when putting on boxing gloves as you prepare for some serious punching. The Fairtex BCV1 boxing gloves have a great fit when hand wraps are on. That being said, there seems to be a fairly larger compartment in contrast to other gloves, particularly on the side of the hand. This will definitely act like a pro if you have larger hands. Even if not, you will get used to it after enough use.

Despite this, BGV1 gloves are still a lot smaller than similar weight models from other brands. Partially, it has something to do with the short length of the cuff, but it can also be due to the denser material used. You could notice the size difference with other brands pretty easily.

Like we just mentioned, the padding does appear to be slightly denser than competitor brands, so don’t think this is a pillow glove. As far as comfort is considered, you do need a breaking-in period. After that, the gloves get much more comfortable. When you block with these gloves, the difference is very big as the thick cuffs really help, ensuring more protection against wrist injuries. 

The model we tested in this Fairtex BGV1 review didn’t have the grip bar, as we mentioned before. This is a feature many people are divided on. Some dislike the absence of a wrist bar since they would much rather fold their fingers instead of making a fist. On the other hand, we find this is good for the Thai boxing style. The hand is then slightly more opened to catch clinches and kicks. Again, it largely depends on what you’re using it for and your personal preference. 


Fairtex isn’t the most affordable brand around but their products are good. You can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $100 on these boxing gloves, so they’re on the higher-end of the mid-range spectrum. We would definitely consider this an investment given all the benefits it offers. Yes, there are other models similar to this sold at much cheaper prices, but you can’t really compare that to this since the smallest details make a lot of difference.


  • Excellent stitching 
  • Padding on the wrist and top of the hand is great
  • Plenty of designs and color choices to choose from
  • Compact yet fits very nicely
  • Lack of grip bar


  • Quite a dense padding on the knuckles
  • Somewhat expensive
  • The padding could be hard to break into

The Verdict

In terms of value and benefits, we loved the Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai boxing gloves. It’s difficult to find gloves with such fine craftsmanship. Thanks to that, these tend to last much longer. With multiple size options and color choices, you can find one made just for you. It’s important you try a pair first before buying since you may have contrasting opinions on the grip bars. That concludes our Fairtex BGV1 review.


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