Fairtex BGV14 Review: Worth it in 2021?

When you think of the ideal pair of boxing gloves, what attributes come to mind? They have to be durable enough to resist sparring wear, comfortable enough for long hours of training, and versatile enough for a range of use. Many models, even the ones from high-end brands fall short, meeting one or two of these requirements. This Fairtex BGV14 aims to decide whether these boxing gloves from the famed Thai brand pass the three-way test.

Fairtex BGV14 Gloves

About the Brand

Fairtex has been in the market for more than 40 years now and its popularity has always been on the rise. Especially over the past decade where Muay Thai became more popular than ever. Fairtex’s founder has collaborated with many trained fighters in Thailand and they became the ambassadors for the brand. Soon enough, Fairtex was titled one of the most rapidly growing mixed martial arts equipment and apparel manufacturing companies in the world. Something that puts Fairtex apart from the competition is its handmade goods. Everything is made by hand in Thailand before being imported.

The BGV series is definitely their most popular collection and for good reason too. There have been more than 10 additions to the range over the years. Some are very similar in quality and only feature some differences in design or craftsmanship, but a few of them are vastly different too. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality and authentic pair of boxing gloves with amazing padding and impact protection, the BGV series has some options for you. 

The Fairtex BGV14 Gloves

In this Fairtex BGV14 review, we talk about a super hyped product. These gloves are known for being quite attractive and coming in many different finishes. They are lighter in comparison to other boxing gloves within this range. Despite that, they offer great value and comprehensive protection when you’re working the bag or sparring with a partner. 

The BGV14’s light build and style make this ideal for anyone who is tired of the mainstream monochromatic gloves. But that doesn’t take away anything from the performance. The gloves are subjected to strict performance standards before being sent to you.

So, are the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves enough to meet your needs? We don’t need to elaborate on how they’re durable and comfy. The thin microfiber exterior doesn’t provide as much protection for hard hitters, but it is as rugged as leather. In addition, these gloves require significantly less maintenance and take time to degrade, making them a great investment in the long run. 

That was a brief summary of these gloves. Let’s dive into depths now and explore an appealing and versatile option that could be the boxing gloves of your dreams.

What to Expect from the Fairtex BGV14 Muay Thai Gloves?

At first glance, these Fairtex BGV14 gloves are attractive. Not only are they durable and have good performance, but they will look good while you land those punches. A lot of the time, boxing gloves that are “tough,” tend to be rigid. This basically hampers movement and flexibility of the hand. The last thing you want is to be stuck mid-session because your thumb won’t bend. 

There is adequate padding all across the gloves, offering support for the knuckles, thumbs, and wrists. As mentioned before, these aren’t the best for heavy hitters and we will explain as we go on.

Exterior Design

With a minimalistic design available in a range of colors, the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves are suited for all kinds of people. The company logo is printed in big font on the top of the hand. The weight is mentioned on the wrist cuffs along with the map of Thailand. Around that, go the sentences, “Made in Thailand,” and “Syntek Leather.”

You can buy the BGV14 in 17 different color combinations. Some of them are a solid color whereas others feature trims of different shades or fancy patterns. There is even one in pink covered with polka dots – just in case you’re feeling fancy. From black to white to yellow, there’s a design for anyone. 


Thanks to the top-notch build, these sleek gloves are very durable. The microfiber exterior, while tough as leather, is much easier to clean and maintain. Moreover, the special wicking protein leather lining inside the gloves prevents the excess build-up of moisture, keeping you dry and cool. You can train for longer without having to worry about taking these out to wipe the sweat.


Expect the Fairtex BGV14 to deliver for a few years without fuss. They do come with a warranty from the brand but many users have reported that these outlive the date. After all, they were made for endurance. And although tough, these don’t bog you down by weight. Fairtex’s products are generally long-lasting so this one isn’t any different.


In contrast to other heavy-duty options, the padding on the BGV14 gloves is a bit limited. The distribution is close to other models from Fairtex but the density is lower and the gloves themselves are lighter, even if by a few grams. And it’s not stiff either so you can form a fist easily. However, we found during the Fairtex BGV14 review that the padding lasts about two to three months. This is less than what you would get with other gloves of Fairtex.

The gloves are heavily padded on the knuckles while the sides are less padded. Due to the lack of excessive padding, we don’t think this would be the best for you if you’re a heavy hitter. But if you’re not used to punching with full force, this would work well. A thumb-lock has been added for eye protection too. 


Light yet tough, the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves offer free movement with strong shock absorption. The BGV9 is another good model from the brand and the main difference between this and the BGV14 is the larger wrist closure. Many people don’t really like the long cuffs but we prefer these for the increased stability they offer. A secure closing lets you keep the gloves on safely during sessions, providing a better grip.

Overall Performance

Fairtex always brings their A-game with the padding and protection. The triple layer foam is focused on the knuckles. We noticed that the BGV14 model has quite less girth on the cuff and the back of the hand when compared to the brand’s signature product, the BGV1, despite being the same size. Although the padding isn’t as compact, the BGV14 delivers pillowing protecting all along.

Padding also protects the palms along with the oval-shaped opening. You can effortlessly catch kicks and clinch as the sides feature enough protection.

Again, opposed to the BGV1, there is a soft grip bar on our reviewed model. This gives the gloves more flexibility so you can keep your hand moving when needed. The semi-attached thumb preserves gripping.


Let’s talk about prices. The Fairtex BGV14 definitely isn’t the cheapest gloves you can get from the brand, crossing the $70 margin. But you actually get what you pay for.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Thumb hook paired with contoured design for a natural fit
  • Heavily padded secure wrist closure
  • Best quality microfiber exterior used
  • Breathable even in extended hours
  • Notable shock absorption


  • Not for hard hitters
  • Not suitable for advanced practitioners

The Verdict

We’re towards the end of the Fairtex BGV14 review and after a lot of evaluation, we think that these gloves are an absolute bang for the buck. Granted, we would only recommend these if you’re a beginner and they’re very affordable. Plus, these gloves will last you a while.


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