Fairtex BGV16 Gloves Review: How good are they in 2021?

You, us, and all MMA fighters are very well acquianted with the brand Fairtex. This brand’s fame exceeds those of the others. It is one of the oldest MMA gear manufacturers.

The specialty of Fairtex’s craftsmanship lies with Muay Thai. Today we are here to witness that unrivaled craftsmanship with the Fairtex BGV16. The Fairtex BGV16 Gloves is made for Muay Thai and it is meant to be used in competitions.

A boxing glove must process durable material and great build quality to be used in a Muay Thai competition. As Fairtex has branded the BGV16 Gloves for competition, we can surely find those qualities in it.

So we will see what the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves have to offer in this review.

Fairtex BGV16 Gloves

A Brief Introduction to Fairtex

Although we have heard of Fairtex, let’s get to know the brand a little better.

Fairtex was founded more than half a century ago in 1958. This makes it arguably the oldest brand to manufacture gear and equipment for Muay Thai.

The brand was awarded and recognized for its ingenuity in MMA gears. 60+ years of experience has made their craftsmanship unrivaled. Fairtex manufactures all kinds of gear for all MMA sports.

But their loyalty and specialty have always laid in Muay Thai. So whenever it comes to Muay Thai, Fairtex is your go-to brand for beginners and professionals.

We believe that is a good introduction to Fairtex. Now let’s get back to the topic at hand, the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves.

Fairtex BGV16 Gloves

The Fairtex BGV16 Gloves are good enough. They have a good build quality and excellent choice of material.

The Fairtex BGV16 Gloves do not have many visual details. It is kept at a minimum, like your usual Fairtex gloves designs. Speaking of design. The Fairtex BGV16 Gloves is actually an updated version of the Fairtex BGV8 Gloves.

The BGV8 was also a boxing glove meant for competition and it was very well known among amateurs. So as an updated glove, the BGV16 is meant for amateurs and fighters beyond amateurs.

Now we just need to see how well made the BGV16 really is. For that, we will do a technical analysis of the main features of the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves.

Features of the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves

When we are talking about assessing a boxing/ MMA love, we mainly look at the material, padding, build quality, and durability first. Then we have a look at the other features like comfort, closure, and design. We shall do the same here with the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves.


The build material of the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves is genuine leather. As we know, genuine/ real leather is the strongest material for constructing boxing gloves.

If taken care of properly, genuine leather-made gloves can last for a long time even after going through multiple intense fights. So you can rest assured of the material of the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves.

However, you will need to put some effort into taking care of it. For example, you cannot keep it wet (sweat in fights is ok) or store it in a place with humidity. You should keep them dry when you are done fighting with them and store them in a dry place. If you can do that, then these gloves can last for a long time.

Build Quality

The build quality of these gloves is also OK, if not great. We have reinforced seamless stitching on the sides (the stitching that holds the padding together). However, the palm area has some exposed stitching. As you don’t use your palm for attacking, we highly doubt that those stitching will come off in fights.

Another fact about the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves builds quality is that it is handmade in Thailand. 


The material and build quality of the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves suggests that these gloves are very durable. On top of that, Fairtex officially branded these gloves for competition rather than sparring.

So obviously these gloves are durable. One thing is for sure that these gloves are more durable than your synthetic leather gloves.

Overall, the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves are a pair of very durable Muay Thai gloves.


The Fairtex BGV16 Gloves have soft padding layers. The padding covers the top and front of your hand and your thumb. The padding extends and goes more deeply into your fingertips.

The Fairtex BGV16 Gloves are very protective. However, there is no padding in the palm area. It may not be a critical issue. We just wanted to point it out because some of you fighters tend to block low blows from opponents using your palm.

So if you are wearing the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves, don’t block any hit with your palm.


You won’t have any lack of comfort in these gloves. The inner is soft as well as the padding. Moreover, the palm area has vent holes (reason for no padding there).

As a result, your palm moisture will vaporize and get it through those holes. This will keep your palm cool during the fight. S no worries about sweaty palms.

The inside compartment is a little small for a snuggly fit. All of this is enough to make a very comfortable boxing glove. However, a small compartment may be a little itchy for fighters with big fists.

The reason why Fairtex made the compartment small and snuggly is because these gloves were designed for women and fighters with small palms. So if you think the glove is too small for your hand, try the next size. However, it will put up some extra weight.

Fairtex went one step ahead by providing a grip bar inside the glove. This makes it very easy to make a fist in these gloves and hit your opponent with full force.

So our judgment on the comfort of the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves is positive.


The closure of the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves is a velcro system. That sounds good, right? Yes, but we have a problem here.

The cuff of the glove is small. It is great for clinch training, but for heavy fighting, this is no good.

The small cuffs do provide flexibility, but they do not provide wrist support. Without proper wrist support, the gloves will lose stability after each punch and you will have to adjust them over and over again.

This makes it uncomfortable. We think that is why Fairtex provided a handgrip inside the glove so that you can counterbalance the instability of the short handcuffs.

Design/ Style

Designwise, the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves are kept simple. It has a simple Fairtex log in the top hand area. Hand-made in Thailand and Genuine leather seals are also visible there.

There are four colors available for the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves. Khaki, Forest green, Maroon, and Orange.

Even though the design is simple, they do look really nice, especially the Khaki color. But we will leave that up to you.


  • Genuine leather construction
  • Handgrip in the inside
  • Velcro closure
  • Soft padding on top and front
  • Vent holes in the palm area
  • Snuggy fitting


  • Small compartment
  • Short handcuffs
  • No padding in the palm area


So that was our review of the Fairtex BGV16 Gloves. Overall speaking, this glove is truly one of the best ones. There are some shortcomings, but they are justified with countermeasures.

The first shortcoming is the small compartment for serving fighters with small palms. You can easily overcome it by choosing a bigger size. It will put up some extra weight on your hands though.

The second shortcoming is the short handcuffs. They are insatiable. These was countermeasures with a handgrip in the inside of the glove. This makes it both stable and flexible.

However, the price of the glove is in the $120 range. It is a little too much, but it is genuine leather. SO it is fairly justified.

So will we recommend them? Yes, we will.


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