Fairtex B19 Review: Should You Buy These Muay Thai Gloves in 2021?

Fairtex gloves are handcrafted from real leather in Thailand and are quite pleasant to protect your hands. They are cushioned and feel good as you brush or wear them.

When shopping for the greatest pair of Muay Thai gloves for yourself, you must examine what you are seeking for in a pair of gloves. Many of you might be looking for decent hefty bag gloves, while some are looking for sparring gloves. When comparing to certain other glove brands, the Fairtex Tight Fits are around 80% the length and breadth of other gloves.

As for the Fairtex Bgv19 Tight-fit gloves, they can be your next smart purchase, considering they offer what you need. Let’s find out more about these beauties.

Fairtex BGV19 Muay Thai Gloves

Buying Guide


While hunting for a perfect pair of Muay Thai gloves, quality ought to be the top priority. You always want your investment to pay off in the long run.   It is preferable to invest additional money upfront if it ensures the item will endure a considerable time and live true to the price.

Purchasing a low-cost pair of boxing or sparring gloves is alright. Nonetheless, as you progress, you will need to invest in a better pair.

Higher grade boxing gloves are constructed of top-quality materials, which guarantee they shield your hands even more.


Muay Thai is a tough sport in which you would be pounding a lot of hard pads and thick bags right from the beginning. To survive the frequent and constant drilling, you’ll need relatively sturdy gloves with excellent padding if you really want the gloves to hold up for long.

Real leather lasts much longer and always was preferred over the correspondingly tougher synthetic leather on the outside. Even so, the quality of synthetic materials has greatly increased in recent years.

Synthetic leather, the same as real leather, comes in a variety of grades, with the highest quality surpassing certain genuine leather. Microfiber leather is quickly turning into a trendy and excellent substitute for genuine leather.

Animal-free synthetics can likewise be preferred over real leather by those who value ethics. Whatever material you select, you would be able to get nice tough gloves from either material.


Punching gloves are available with lace fastening or velcro closures. Lace-ups provide a snug fit and would not readily slip when firmly fastened. They do, unfortunately, demand the aid of another individual to tighten it up, which would be unpleasant for regular training.

A standard practice session would include a variety of exercises performed both with and without gloves. Therefore, without a doubt, velcros are the way to go because they can be simply put on and pulled off by oneself.


Examine the whole structure and inside lining of the gloves to determine how well vented they seem to be. If the gloves are not formed of breathable materials, your hands will become heated and begin to sweat considerably quicker.

Exercising with sweaty palms would be not only unpleasant but also dangerous because the gloves might fall off and inflict injury.

There’s also the issue of smell and germ accumulation, which may be avoided if the gloves are properly ventilated.

Fairtex Bgv19 Review

Every Fairtex glove is handcrafted in Thailand, Muay Thai’s birthplace. You can believe Fairtex’s master artisan to have crafted every glove with great care, elegance, and expertise. Fairtex is recognized for having stringent quality management and standards in place to ensure that each glove is as excellent as it could be.


The gloves are constructed of genuine leather and also have a premium feel to them. The Bgv19 gloves are a close fit, which means there isn’t much space after you shove the hands inside. The gloves have an excellent weight balance, with extra padding toward the front near the knuckles than in other sections of the gloves.

When Fairtex designs the gloves, the workmanship is of the utmost concern, so you can be confident that you really can smash those gloves without them failing in the middle of a round.


The gloves are designed to work flawlessly with the quick closing mechanism, which is also ideal for clinching. Because of the flexible closure mechanism, the gloves are assured to suit smaller or bigger hands. The Bgv19 gloves are pretty firm, and the multi-layered foam design is developed to protect you and the opponent with optimum damage absorption, particularly at the wrists.

It’s also breathable enough to not make your palms sweaty after short sparring. Your palms would stay cool to the touch as you spar away.


Boxing Thai style is a lot of work. If you’ve ever traveled to Thailand to practice Muay Thai, you would know from firsthand experience how intensely the Thai coaches push the boxers and how much the gear suffers as a result.

These Fairtex Bgv19 gloves have been designed with that harsh use in consideration, so you can be confident that they will withstand everything you toss at them. Each day, you may smash the pads and heavy bags without even a tiny crack forming on the top-notch grain leather.


As for the design, you get two different color options for the tight-fit deluxe gloves. Both the black and the khaki ones have contrasting colors to make for an appealing outlook.

The gloves are available in 14oz and 16oz sizes. The fastening is flexible enough to help you find the perfect fit.


  • High-quality leather materials
  • Compact and perfect fit
  • Adequate padding over the knuckles
  • Better thumb position
  • Comes with a grip bar



Are Fairtex Gloves Good?

Fairtex is notable for handcrafting each pair of boxing gloves, which is pretty good.  They are created by fighters and intended for fighters.

Some of the characteristics that might stick out to make Fairtex a modern glove, such as- multiple layers of foam, long cuffs with guards, padding on the palm areas

These, along with a slew of other exceptional characteristics, demonstrate that, indeed, Fairtex produces excellent boxing gloves, albeit at times at exorbitant prices.

What Size Fairtex Gloves Should I Get?

Body weight is a deciding factor for the gloves sizes. This chart should help in picking the right sized gloves:

Bodyweight (lbs)

Gloves Size













Do I need to wear hand wraps with my boxing gloves?

Yes, gloves can provide ample protection. But you should still have wraps underneath the gloves.

A human hand is made up of 27 tiny bones. Those bones are easily broken, which is why you should also use hand wraps inside the gloves.

How can I avoid sweaty palms while wearing gloves?

Genuine leather is a more breathable material for gloves. Synthetic leather is less expensive and feels significantly warmer to workout in. Due to inadequate airflow, this leads palms to sweat more and difficult to dry, leading in the rapid buildup of sweaty germs.

To avoid sweaty hands, we suggest real leather or mesh panels instead of cheap synthetic leather.

Final Thoughts

Since fractured knuckles are so prevalent, everybody will gain from possessing a good pair of boxing gloves. There is a condition known as a boxer’s fracture, which is a broken meta-carpal bone.

In the boxing world, your hands are the ultimate weapons, and while these gloves are intended for serious fighters seeking for the finest, you will profit regardless of the skill level.

The Fairtex bgv19 gloves discussed here are for anyone who intends to box for an extended period of time and so need high-quality, long-lasting gloves.


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