Fairtex BGV5 Gloves Review, Best or Worst of Fairtex?

We all, Muay Thai and MMA fighters, have heard of Fairtex. They are like the Apple of Muay Thai gear. One of their most popular product lines is the BGV series.

The BGV series is a Muay Thai boxing glove series. These boxing gloves are meant for all kinds of combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. This line includes gloves for sparring and fighting for fighters from beginners to professionals.

This product line is so popular that the first love, the BGV1 is still used by many. But our focus will be on the BGV5.

Fairtex made it clear that the BGV5 is meant for sparring. But the quality of it suggests that it can be used for competition purposes also. Let’s find it out by ourselves.

Fairtex BGV5 Muay Thai Gloves

A Brief Introduction to Fairtex

Let us get to know the maker of the product before we know more about the product.

Fairtex, a Thailand company for manufacturing MMA gears, was founded in 1958. With 60+ years of experience, this company has mastered the craftsmanship of manufacturing Muay Thai gears.

Other MMA sports gear like boxing and kickboxing are also under their belt, but they are not as great as Muay Thai. That is why Muay Thai fighters can easily rely on Fairtex products.

Fairtex has won lots of awards for its excellence and ingenuity in Muay Thai.

That is why whenever a Fairtex Muay Thai product is in question, you can hope for something great out of it.

Fairtex BGV5 Gloves

Now that we have done our formal introduction with Fairtex, let us have a look at the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves.

The Fairtex BGV5 Gloves is branded as a sparring glove by Fairtex itself. But it is also called the super sparring gloves. The reason for it could be its use of full-grain leather, three-layer of paddings.

The padding not only saves your wrist from the shock of the punch but also cushions the force on your opponent’s face/ body. Because of that, no one gets seriously injured during sparring sessions. 

This is also why Fairtex has branded it a sparring glove. What good I will serve you in the competition if the gove reduces your impact on the opponent?

But as for the price it is sold at, the BGV5 is indeed a very good choice. Not to mention its durability and longevity, you won’t need another pair of sparring gloves if you have the BGV5.

Now let us have a more deep look at the features of the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves.

Features of The Fairtex BGV5 Gloves

As a sparring glove, we don’t have that high expectation. But Fairtex has branded it as the super sparring glove. So let’s see what is so super about the BGV5.


We have no complaint regarding the materials used in making the BGV5. The outer shell is made with grain leather (unweakened genuine leather). It can withstand strong forces from the punches.

The best part about grain leather is that it can withstand deformation for a long time, like years. So you don’t need to worry about storing it in a dry place.

The inside of the glove has moisture-wicking materials. This allows your hands to stay fresh and dry even after multiple sparring sessions.

Built Quality

The build quality of the glove is pretty solid. The stitchings are reinforced and seamless. The stitching won’t fall off easily.

However, we have our doubts about the padding quality.

But one thing is for sure, the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves will not fall off so soon. It can serve you for years. The padding may be a little low in quality, but it gets the job done.


As for durability, we have no doubts that this pair of BV5 gloves can withstand sparring sessions for years after years. It can also be used in international matches, where the punches are more intense. But it will not do any damage to the opponent, so don’t be using it in tournaments.

But for regular sparring sessions, it is one of the most durable sparring gloves out here. Which makes it live up to its name of super sparring gloves.

However, the padding is not so durable. It is thick, but it is not too dense for absorbing all the shock from your punch. Moreover, it will break down quite easily.

A glove with broken padding. Is it useful? No, it is garbage.


As we said earlier, the padding of the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves is something we did not like. Don’t get us wrong. The padding is thick and it is present on the knuckle area and the top of your wrist. Your thumb is also covered with padding. There is no padding on the palm.

But they do not absorb the impact as much as Fairtex claims them to be. Moreover, the longevity of the padding is something else we like to point out. We are worried that the padding may give up in a year or less.

If the padding is all worked up, then the Fairtex BGV5 will do you no good in sparring. Not only will you feel all the pain of your punch, but you will also leave a mark on your opponent’s face/ body.

So, the padding is the most brutal shortcoming of the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves,


Now, this part will be a little confusing. What do you mean by comfort? Fresh and dry? Or painless protection? Because the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves can keep your palm fresh and dry, but cannot protect you from the shock of punches.

The inner lining is moisture-wicking material. It will wick your palm moisture away and keep them fresh during the sessions.

But the weak padding cannot absorb all the punch shocks. So is this glove comfortable?

Comfortable to wear? Yes. But comfortable to fight? No. That is our verdict on the Fairtex BGV5’s comfort.


The closure of the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves is a velcro system. It is quite convenient to set up and adjust.

The cuffs in the closure are long and wide. This will provide stable wrist support. But it will also restrict your flexibility with wrist movement.

When it comes to the debate of flexibility and stability, we believe stability is more important.

Judging by that fact, we can say that the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves did a very good job with their closure and cuff design.


Now let us talk about the design of the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves. It is not a technical aspect so it does not affect your overall judgment.

The Fairtex BGV5 Gloves are available in four different colors. Red, Blue, Black, and White.

The patterns of the glove are fairly simple. There is the Fairtex logo on the top side along with a “Handmade in Thailand” seal.

The velcro closure has a Fairtex colored logo on White background Pathing.

One other thing we like to point out in its design is the locked thumb. This restricts you from expanding your fingers, which is very inconvenient for Muay Thai.


  • 100% grain leather outer shell
  • Reinforced stitching
  • The long cuff provides stable wrist support
  • Moisture-wicking inner linings
  • Great price


  • Weak padding
  • No vent holes


So, is the BGV5 glove good enough? It is kind of hard to say. Everything about the glove is great. You have a durable outer shell, moisture-wicking inners, stable wrist support. And great color designs.

On the other hand, you have weak padding and attached thumbs. Now, this creates a great debate whether the BGV5 is worth your money or not.

Our verdict is, if you don’t mind the pain from your punches, then use the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves. But if you cannot do without good padding on your knuckles, then ignore the Fairtex BGV5 Gloves.


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