Fairtex BGV9 Review: Should you buy them in 2021?

Fairtex is unarguably one of the superior Muay Thai boxing gear and gloves companies in the world. The brand has been around since 1971 and has equipped many national and international champions. The BGV line is the crème de la crème of their boxing gloves. It all started with the BGV1 that won the hearts of practitioners everywhere. Soon enough, Fairtex started coming out with new additions to the line.

Keep in mind that a few of those additions were simply the old models with a few tweaks and design changes. But a lot of them were a significant step further from the previous products. Our Fairtex BGV9 review will give you an understanding of whether these boxing gloves have a separate identity or can be considered as an ornamental inclusion to the BGV line.

Fairtex BGV9 Gloves

The Fairtex BGV9 Muay Thai Gloves

With new and improved (softer) paddings, the BGV9 gives a comfier hand compartment, ultimately enhancing the feel and safety. The double-layered latex foam adds to the protection. In addition, the gloves are made with two-layered latex foam with reinforced stitching around the knuckle region. All the hitting areas are protected properly so you can practice with maximum safety.

Now, we all know how important of a factor weight is in boxing gloves. This material was selected and designed specifically to distribute weight evenly, starting from the wrist and reaching up to the head of the gloves.

The gloves feature an extra-long cuff with triple trimmings for better comfort and wrist support. The ergonomic design and nice contouring make for a more secure fit. Plus, the strap goes on tight and helps the gloves stick to the hands better.

The exterior of these gloves is made from premium leather. This combined with the layers of protection keeps your knuckles and hands safe from injuries. 

Exterior Design

We like Fairtex as a brand because they never focus on just one aspect. The entire BGV line is manufactured with both strength and style in mind. The BGV9, in particular, offers increased defense and elasticity during a fight. You could do with a bit of fashion in your gloves, right?

The brand’s name is printed on the back of the hand in their favorite font. Just below that, in a smaller font, are two printed sentences: “Made in Thailand” and “Genuine leather.” Only two color options are available: black and yellow.

Weight and Distribution

These gloves are significantly heavier than similar ones from competitor brands in the market. Unfortunately, only two weights are available at the moment: 12 and 14 oz. So, these would be suitable for you if you fell between the weight class 60 – 86 kg.

However, despite the increased weight, the pressure is distributed fairly across the gloves. Therefore, you will feel a sense of uniformity during practice sessions and fights. This distribution uniformity helps create a balance between hands and palms for undisturbed hand movement during fights.


Fairtex takes great pride in its handmade products. This is one more handmade pair added to the line. You might be doubtful of the quality of handmade goods as the chances of inconsistency in quality are high, but Fairtex rarely receives such complaints. The stitching and build are always great in every piece. 

Just one look at the picture of these gloves and you can easily tell that they boast impeccable craftsmanship. The inner section isn’t bulky but it is solid enough. You won’t lose as much energy when you punch and you can use that to your advantage on the next move.

We would use this pair for workouts, generally. Here’s why. Suppose you have a small injury on your knuckles. The padding on these boxing gloves barely moves, making sure your hands are protected the best. Moreover, the gloves themselves aren’t heavy so they won’t negatively impact your performance. Thus, you cut down on the pain without cutting down on the performance. 

Typically, there’s a slight trade-off between the heaviness of padding and the power of punching. The gloves, if heavier, slow the punches. Basically, everything would be slower due to the padding. However, the problem doesn’t arise with the Fairtex BGV9. You can freely punch as you would like.

Hard padding has its set of advantages and disadvantages; it boils down to the matter of preference.

Never use this pair for sparring. Although training type, the BGV9 boxing gloves are rather heavy and could seriously injure your sparring partner. Even the sturdiest of headgears might not help your partner. That’s disadvantage number one.

The other is the extended break-in period. You have to wait at least a few weeks to break in the Fairtex BGV9. This is actually long for a couple of other pairs you would find within this price range. The reasons? The cover material is paired with stiff padding. It’s worth mentioning that while using these gloves to write the Fairtex BGV9 review, we didn’t find the padding to become “normal” after the stipulated time. 

You have to practice regularly to loosen them up faster. You will also start to notice how the cover material slightly softens up after some sessions.


The Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV9 impress with their all-genuine leather construction. The premium leather fit makes the product somewhat stiff while still new. 


Standard boxing gloves don’t offer grip bars. In contrast, the Fairtex BGV9 comes with grip bars for boosted comfort. Sizing isn’t a problem either. If you’re within the weight range but have larger hands, these should fit you just as fine. A few of the key features contributing to the enhanced comfort include:

  • Hook and loop strap: The adjustable hook and loop strap ensures a great, secure fit on every hand. You can put these gloves on and remove them easily without someone else’s assistance. Besides, it’s much simpler working with straps as you don’t have to wrap or unwrap the laces. Not to mention they are elastic. So, regardless of your palm shape, you can expect these boxing gloves to have a snug fit.
  • Ever fresh antimicrobial treatment: Sweat buildup inside the gloves can be super annoying. Apart from the moist sensation, it can also accelerate the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Thanks to the antimicrobial treatment, you get fresh-smelling gloves for longer.  


If we compare it to similar models from both Fairtex and rival brands, these boxing gloves are pretty expensive. For the features you’re getting, $100+ seems pricey. But hey, in the world of boxing gloves, you get what you pay for. Luxury brands charge higher for similar or worse products so it’s not the end of the world. But if you were looking for a budget-friendly option or if you are a beginner, we recommend you keep looking.


Fairtex provides a one-year warranty with these but it’s only applicable in selected cases. For instance, improperly stitched corners. Don’t worry about the product’s quality once you order it. Every order falls under that rule so you will get nothing but the finest.


  • Ergonomic fit
  • Heavy padding
  • Extra protection against injuries
  • Will last a long time
  • Perfect for heavy hitters
  • Thick Velcro closure for secure close


  • Can be too heavy for some
  • Only two colors and weights are available

The Verdict

There isn’t a dearth of grappling gloves to buy from. From our Fairtex BGV9 review, it should be easy to understand that we love these gloves. It’s safe to say that these are one of the best sparring gloves within this range. The material is durable and strong, the straps are comfy, there’s ample padding, and airflow is maintained.


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