Fairtex Glory Gloves Review: Are They Worth Your Money?

We Muay Thai fighters surely have heard of Fairtex. Their handmade products from Thailand are undoubtedly one of the best ones out there. Their specialty shines when it comes to Muay Thai, but today we will be talking about something different from the brand.

The Fairtex Glory Gloves. This glove is designed for Kickboxing. But it can be used in Muay Thai as well.

In this review, we will take a look at this glove from a different perspective to see how good it is. Is it upto the standards of Fairtex as we know it? Let us find out.

Fairtex Glory Gloves

A Brief Introduction to Fairtex

Let’s be acquainted with Fairtex first. This Thailand brand was founded in 1958, more than half a century ago. It is one of the oldest brands to manufacture MMA gears.

The brand Fairtex has won lots of awards for its quality and engineering. The craftsmanship of Fairtex is unrivaled. They manufacture MMA gloves, hand wraps, head, shin guard, knee and elbow pads. In addition, MMA sports attire is also under their portfolios.

If it is Muay Thai we are talking about, then you won’t find any flaws in Fairtex products. However, with other MMA sports products, we would recommend you not trust blindly.

That is why we will try our best to judge the Fairtex Glory Gloves in all technical aspects.

Fairtex Glory Gloves

Now that we have done our formal introduction with Fairtex, let us take a look at the Fairtex Glory Gloves. This glove is a limited edition from Fairtex.

Honestly speaking, it does not have an original design. This glove took inspiration from other Fairtex gloves. The construction style of it is directly a replication of that of the  BGV14 gloves, but with a different material.

Fairtex also stated that the Fairtex Glory gloves took some characteristic inspiration from their BGV6 gloves, one of their best classic sparring gloves.

Regardless of not being original, you would be glad to know that this glove is made with genuine leather and has thick padding on the palm area. These two properties of the glove make it stand out, and the design also contributed to its success.

Now we will dive a little deeper into the key features of the Fairtex Glory Gloves.

Features of The Fairtex Glory Gloves

What makes an MMA glove strong and eligible? Their material, durability, and padding. Comfort, weight, and style come later. As for the price, we will leave that out for now because some say that you cannot put a price on safety.

So let us begin our analytical assessment of the Fairtex Glory gloves.


We have no issue with the material of the Fairtex Glory Gloves. It is made with genuine leather. The leather is high quality and it’s Thai leather. A Thai company working with Thai leather, that sounds good news for us.

Fairtex did specify this glove for sparring purposes. But the use of high-grade Tai leather makes it a formidable choice fr international tournaments too.

The inside is made with a comfortable moisture-wicking material. Considering that there are no vent holes in the palm, we are not sure if the moisture-wicking will work or not.

Either way, we have no complaints about its materials. So it gets a pass here.

Build Quality

If we take a look at the stitching of the Fairtex Glory Gloves, it becomes clear that this glove was indeed meant for sparring.

The stitching is strong and partially reinforced, but they appear to be poor. Moreover, in some parts of the stitching, there were some loose threads, which can potentially make the whole stitching come off.

But the material felt quite premium. That is why we have two verdicts on its build quality.

One, it is good enough for sparring. Two, it is not fit to be used in intense fighting sessions like those in international events.


As you know, the durability of the glove is related to its material and build quality. The Fairtex Glory Gloves have good materials for their construction. It is handmade with high quality Thai leather and the leather is 100% genuine on both the top and bottom sides of the glove.

Even though it is made with high-grade genuine leather, Fairtex has specified it for sparring. When we take a look at its build quality, it becomes clear why Fairtex did that.

The build quality of the Fairtex Glory Gloves is nearly average, if not poor. The stitching is not as strong as we expected. It is loose in some places and a strong impact on it can make it fall off. It is quite a disappointment for the price.

But for sparring purposes only, it is quite a formidable option. So what we meant to say is that the Fairtex Glory Gloves are durable enough for sparring sessions, but for intense fighting, it is not durable enough.


The Fairtex Glory Gloves come in all weight sizes. From 8 ounces to 18 ounces. But there is a problem. The Fairtex Glory Gloves is a limited edition glove. There will be no manufacturing of this glove.

So if your weight size is out of stock, we are afraid that you will be out of luck.


The padding is the second part where we like to admire the Fairtex Glory Gloves (The first admirable part is the high-grade genuine leather).

The Fairtex Glory Gloves come with a thick layer of padding on the front, top, and palm. It is quite rare to see thick padding on the palm area. This contributes to the protection of your hand.

However, the thick padding on the palm area comes with the sacrifice of comfort.

The padding is multiple thick layers of foam. They are good enough to absorb the impact of punches that you would normally throw in a sparring session.

But for the punches thrown in a real fight, this padding won’t be good enough. Nt good enough for shock absorption and blocking.


As we said in the previous section (Padding), the extra protection of the Fairtex Glory Gloves came with the sacrifice of comfort.

The Fairtex Glory Gloves have thick padding on their front, top, and bottom side. Because of the thick padding on the palm, there is no ventilation hole there.

So even though the Fairtex Glory Gloves have moisture-wicking material on the inside, there is no way for the mixture to get out.

So you can now easily guess how hot and damp it will get inside of the gloves if you wear them for a long period. Not to mention, the genuine leather shell is non-breathable. This will make it more uncomfortable inside the glove.

So our judgment on the comfort of the Fairtex Glory Gloves is that they are terrible.


There are two types of closure systems for the Fairtex Glory Gloves. Don’t be confused. Keep in mind that there are three limited-edition styles of this glove.

Two of them come with velcro closure. They are easy to set up by yourself. The other one (Black BGLG2) comes with lace-tie closure. They are tight and stable, but too difficult to set up by yourself. You will require assistance.


There are three types of styles available for this glove. Black BGLG2, Black BGVG1, and White BGVG1.

The Black BVG1 and White BGVG1 come with Velcro closure. The other one has a difficult lace-tie closure.


  • Genuine high quality Thai leather
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Padding on top and palm


  • High price
  • No vent-holes
  • No high quality stitching
  • Made for sparring only


After having a look at all the facts and errors of the Fairtex Glory Gloves, we can say that this is a sloppy work of Fairtex. We have high-quality material used in this glove, but the build quality is too poor.

But we cannot blame Fairtex because they have clearly stated that the Fairtex Glory Gloves are made for sparring only. However, we would like to blame Fairtex for the extremely high price.

So all things considered, we don’t recommend the Fairtex Glory Gloves.

If you’re looking for a better pair of all-around gloves, why not check out our other glove reviews.


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